Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Make myself believe

Where was i? Oww~ ok, the TRAUMATIZING moment =O buuuttt before that, haha sepoil. Ok ok ok cemani

I woke up that morning " aaaaaarrrrggghhh! " rise and shine. Since abg was dsana sudah so i left the house and went to sgt. My phone was out of pawaaa for 2 straight days, skali buka there was 7 msgs, most of them were from aqil jua~ mengusut bout balik :p Sorry haha and some of them from others betanya about plans

aaand ada this one msg from chub telling me about the dst carnival, oooossiiittt~ lupa jua ku tu -___-' and jumpa arah his house after zohor, pukul 11 dah time atu so if macam kan ambil them gkz confirm akhir so i told them to dtg sendiri saja at chub's

After shawaa~ si aiman macam mengusut kami dmana pasal he was alone there, apakan ea ani? macam nada biasa sama si iqbal saja -__-' so i had to rush there, skalinya nada jua ada ea ani, sialan~ kana tipu!!! no wonder ea macam baie!! After about 2 -3 mins kali barutah ea dtg, then ayyub. So waiting for king aslan saja lagi, bataaaahh~ So we watched land of the lost saja to kill time, about halfway/quaterway the movie ada tia. Oww ok~ ramai passengernya ani, fatlee ben and danial potengzzz

Off we went to the carnival, wow so crowded lerr and macam-macam ada~ haha. we wanted to try for the flying fox but nada jua menjadi instead we spent more time/most of the time arah rock climbing area~ it was my 1st time naik huahua aaand sanang :p taie!!! payah kali ah -_-' hahaha. King aslan then balik leaving me two package souvenir, chub and zul fatlee haha

Went to sent chub balik 1st pasal ea kebasaran :p haha nadawah~ so arah rumahnya kami chill arah the curhat table and chub lanja-ed icecream from yg selalu pakai bicycle ah ;D Stayed there till near maghrib and went to gdg cause zaim mengusut haha. Ea menunggu eatah :D, gdg we played dota for 1 game with ben

went to katok arah joules and we celebrated his birthday there, just me nunu aiman zaim and fatlee and joule's mom and adi. Celebrate sendiri saja hehe but it was fun, especially the 'supposed to be surprised' moment haha. Rehat kajap meliat si joules packing then jalan to hantar zul fat lee balik. Went to nunu's pasal ea kan ambil barang. Another spontaneous sleepover plan at mine's. Kami rehat kajap at nunu...............................

to be continue

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