Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sorry, it's gone

The kricking thingy was a failure i think :D So the next day we went to pick up aqil at coffee bean bandar and went to gdg. There we met qillah~ So kami since handal sikit ;D succeed making aqil lanja kami McD huahuahua :p Oww he gave us 2 kind of chocolates from uk, one yg in the yellow box and one macam dalam bucket

After makan, shrek came so that makes 4 of us. I was sitting alone arah wayang free while them yg lain jalan-jalan cari router and stuffs. Ada macam half an hour kali duduk menalur haha~ Then we met aqil arah foodcourt again while we were busy eating his chocolates yg yellow box ;p and ea lanja-ed us dim sum. Awal-awal kami minta lanja nasi katok saja but ea nada mau. After he ordered kami buat muka sepuluhcent, tarus eyh kana lanja huahuahua. Baik pulang ea lanja nasi katok tu, save sikit :p

After that we went to thye's foodcourt for nasi katok~ huahuahua sama juanya. Met danial and rudy. After makan back to mallzzzz~ Since nada keraja so kami ended up bagi-bagi the chocolates in the yellow box to every ms people yg ada on that day, yg kami terjumpa lah hehe. Zaim joined us and ayyub hosted a challenge, each every of us ; me ayyub aiman and nunu had to give two of that chocolates to two totally starngers~ sanang kan? let's make it harder, girls~

haha yes~ girls. So everyone was nervous lah wawawa. I was the 1st one to give my chocolates away. We were at the escalator and there was this 2 girls at our back so i decided to bagi them lah

Me : hye ani untuk kamu bedua :D

Hoooshhiittt~ Cawee pickup line ku ah wawawa XD

one of them : Umm~ ok tq :)

Fuhhh~ hahaha then aman tia hidup ku :p Then zaim tried one arah salesgirl besides arcade. Kana reject awal-awal but then ambilnya jua bini-bini ah hahaha! His 2nd one, ea main buyuk -_-' he gave it to my sister nadiah since ea ada dsana -_-' PAMBUYUK :p

Since aqil was with us, ea macam gagas kan balik and our game balum lagi abis~ Eatah si aiman rasa besalah, tarus baginya arah this girl who was with her friends/cousins yang ampir ego ah. Ayyub was the last one, he tried arah yg most risky one, yg jualmahal usulnya. She was in brown, si ayyub tried =O and got rejected~ sialan haha but a nice one, salah timing ganya :D aqil ended up balik ikut cousinnya and four of us sleepover at aiman again

The next morning, zaim was whining minta antar ke gdg cause he was late for monthsarynya hehe :p sorry wawawa. After sending him around 1, went to nunu's and i stayed there saja till 7 barutah kami went back to gdg cause we have a match against yudi. 3 vs 3, me ayyub and zaim against yudi and 2 of his friends. We won the 1st match which was AP, 32 minutes ;D 2nd match we lost, AR and third we lost jua SD. So overall we win :p hahahahhaha!!! memuaskan hati XD

Sent both of them balik and and and balik, apakan~ :D. Wednesday nada papa~ Thursday, had futsal arah kebajikan. Quite fun pasal we enjoyed and a bit bored pasal nada ramai and bula padang -_-' Orang yg migang bula nada datang ah -_-'. Went to my house to ambil stuffs then nunu cause ea sama jua. There kami makan soto kajap haha. Jon was whining pasal ea akhir, then ea putus asa, makan soto tia jua xp Went to ben's to ambil barangnya then went to DST pasal si jon kan kesana. Kong was there

Kami apa lagi~ mengambil kesempatan lah hahaha!! Me ben and ayyub tried the flying fox, haha akhirnya sampai jua. It was dark lagi eatah brijap O.o~ I was the 1st one to go, really-really takut. Then si jon tulak, aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! yes i screamed XD Pasal i was mcam terpusing eatah panic at the disco tarus haha. Then it was ben's turn. Si jon tipu si ben pasal ea cakap dapat tapi yg banarnya ben's weight was kinda off the limit haha. Eatah macam the wire teturun sikit-sikit sampai ben's feet touched the ground which made him running for a while hahaha :p He even hit the small tree wawawawa and masa kan sampai, the person yg menarik si ben terlapas so he was stucked in the mid, hanging XD hahaha, and finally nunu's ;D

Went to the gerai near jerudong park, laparssss! and waiting pasal zaim suruh datang around 8.30. Around we were at the mid hill of zaim's house, stangah jam menunggu in the car. 8.30 tarus naik. We were lucky that night, mama si zaim ordered kan kami pizzzaaaa! hohoho ;D Slept around 3?

The next day, around ptg~ Mom called O.o she was kinda marah-marah pasal i didn't tell her about the drunk incident ah -_-' Kana suruh balik that time, before 7 lah~ buuuttt i didn't huahuahua~ instead we went to huaho tanjung bunut foodcourt, gilers~ nyaaman. We met amin there and ea ikut sleepover tarus. That night kana called lagi and it was my dad O.o ooooooooooossssshiiiiiiitttttt!!! barutah takut, he was mad O.o about the same thing jua kan -_-' I told him tomorrow baru balik. They knew about it from kong~ -_-'

Giillaaaa!! That was the 1st time ea marah at me dalam berapa taun tu??? I was kinda sataresss lah the whole night and the next morning which was tadi, macam nda peaceful rasanya -_-' aaannddd takut lagi tu kan balik huahuahuahau. Around 2+/3+ jalan, sent zaim gdg, ben balik and nunu balik

Got home, nini laki was outside the house on his chair

nini : manang?

me : manang apa?

Then si azmi was doing a fighting stance

me : Oww~ inda, kalah :D

So i guess everybody in the house tau sudah. I was so afraid to meet both my parents so tarus ke living room and tidur :D Tadi when i woke up around 8, they came in and i told the whole story. Whatever they said which offended me, i kept my mouth shut~ and it went pretty well hehe ;) Mom took some amount of money and gave it to me

Mom : Dari babah tu

Dad : Upah mu belakun~

haha ok~ kana sindir -_-' belakun pengsan ah :D. Ok the next time some incident like that happen to me, i'll know what to do. BYE~

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