Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boten Anna

I am so so tired right now but there's no sign of going to sleep early :p

School, gp presentation!!! baie wah drang ani. Aku kan kana suruh start ah -_-' gila gagar brabishly~ Mine was about 4 lines plang saja and then i brought the manilakat around each table so they can have a clearer view of it. Skalinya lain kan yg kana tanya ani

" Ngapa kau kajar-kajar ani kan? " , " Andangnya kah? " , " nervous kau kah? " , " Ai!! haha kesian~ ". Atu ya which even made me more shaky haha! Baik jua skajap saja, parah eyh haha

Sports's house meeting was held during the cca tadi. Gila i was really relieved when ada 4 nominee dah on the stage haha pasal takut wawawa! Luckily nada kana sabut ;) pasal i don't want jua wah cause 1) saya tak responsible 2) discipline problem ; rambut 3) imagine me shouting " SEMANGAT!! " out loud with a shaky voice, gila wah tu haha! So ooo hail the king! King Aslan is indeed a King now ;) with ogre shrek as the assistant :p

After maths ptgs, went to cybersino. Gila atu ramai kan haha! but we played 1 game jua saja -_-' cause bnyak problems haha. Ok i didn't ambil wardeena, i guess i was wrong haha. Went for nasi katok at salambigar kah? then went to rimba ambil kong and tarus to haruns which was around 7

Haruns, we learnt how to play frisbee and wow!! It was fun and exhausting too at the same time, very haha! Around 9 balik, sent joules nunu and lastly aiman. Here am i~ thinking of what to do next :D

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