Tuesday, March 2, 2010

it is

aaahhhh didundidundidun pinis my hw!

Yes got stuck arah question 1 and buat kraja lain haha. So teacher thought i wasn't well yesterday instead of escaping, fuhh~ nasib-nasib :D and yes i did antar my hw but atu pun main copy -_-' terpaksa yaw! belubang-lubang jua lakat haha but i had to copy all the answers back in return ;) jaditah~ Maybe i'm safe sudah with physics, if i'll try to keep up that is.

Had this lecture about drugs, it was fun pasal the guy sporting and cali haha! and someone is innocent ler huehuehue 0=)

haha ok gambar curi time ;)

tomorrow is cuti huehueheu! bye~