Thursday, April 1, 2010

why she had to go?

Hye! My life makin merosot -_-' haha gila lah pokoknya so i'm just trying to fix it slowly, getting things to the right path ;) Kalau menjadi jua huahuahua! Ok it's 3.27am sudah and i haven't gone to sleep yet pasal i need to do chem hws :D Eyah takut kana marahi haha!

So what's new?? Hmm~ yeah abg is no longer menjual anggur lagi. He got a job with taib, as a loan shark. Woah! but ani yg baik ;p the one who confronts people that have problem with their loan payment. Umm cause of that i'll be very busy jua -_-' new umm? apa ah? daily activity? tugas lah pokoknya. Nadiah and wardeena -_-' afternoon and petangs~ booo!

OK i forgot what to talk about, i guess i'll just stop here ;D

Sorry for leaving this blog bangas, kesian my stalkers nada bnyak info haha! ;p taie prasan bunyinya, baik jua wah sadar atu ;p ok adang! ;) Mulut bau taie so i'll just shut up =x

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