Wednesday, July 28, 2010

huehue =8)

Dota 6.68 is finally out ;D coolio~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the most tricky serve

funneyh =8)


The moon was shinin' on the lake that night

It's freezing cold here so i had to turn off the aircond. Just woke up and it's 2.32AM deep~ pikir macam 4 kah or 5 -_-' and i am hungry ='( makan inda makan inda?! if aku makan i would end up tidur after that but if inda i'm suffering here haha!

Soo yesterday was....hmm? ok?! yeah if dipikirkan macam ok wah pasal all this time skulah macam takut this and that, hws lah~ but yesterday atu macam...ntah~ nothing if d pikirkan. GP~ i did the presentation on invention of chariot skate, a cool skate indeed =8)

I like the T-stop, cara the girl braking ;)

I was the 9th presenter~ Ok kinda takut so i sat down thinking apa yg kan ku cakap, how to present it, meliat cmna yg lain present. Makin naik confident lah! Cool! Cool! and I'm ready!! Skali it was my turn, wilson gave me his baie smile face then aku mcam 'APA?!!!' all of a sudden nervous tia balik HAHAHA! My hands weren't shaking pasal aku pigang hardcover but!! my legs wouldn't stop moving, kicking the air here and there =D and antah!!! taie eyh~ =8)

Khalillah did a presentation on invention of BRA! HAHAHA! interesting~ the inventor's name HAHA! Otto Titzling!! see see =p now i get it where all the name came from ;D

If it wasn't chariot skate, i would do this~ Toe mouse, just what i need in real-life ;)

Physics, someone brought this snake toy -_-'

Went to bandar to pick nadiah and wardeena that afternoon and sent wardeena ugama. Meet up with fatlee there, plan kan buy the 20cent milo ah~ Just like old times~ masa ugama =8) but nda jadi, deep -_-' becerita jua saja sana haha!

Back to school, BCS for ping pong, muaz is kurus =D then Bball around the world~ 1st time tah ku mng ni haha! ;D Joules got 2nd, Syarif 3rd, Aiman 4th, Ayyub 5th and lastly Tawa yg stuck arah 2nd spot haha! 1st plg tempat paling batah =p

Ambil wardeena from school and i went for a jog. I did around 2.2km~ gila!! kepisan haha! pasal bebukit eatah. Shawa and all then tidur, eatah awal bangun ani ni -_-'

Later ICC huehue~ so lucky class kami and the I's. Eatah yg ku nda paham tu, why 2 class ani saja? Hmm~

Liy<3!! i found out something cool

HALOOO!!!!! ;)

miss you

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i don't want a perfect life if it would mean ending up like this ; ALONE

Heard this in the car yesterday, gilerss macam terflashback wah =') inda plg ku tau apa yg ku flashback atu haha! but the feeling was different macam there was something back then but nada ku tau apa. I can feel it whenever this song is playing masani, maybe rindu kali eatah ;D Ok this is awkwaat~ BYE!

ps/ Hadi got a perfect life =p nda wah HAHA!

888 again?


cool~ if only dapat arah kereta~ that would be the greatest invention ever =8)

Sooo~ i came home at around 2AM lastnight from mentiri. Gilersss macam about 4-5 hours wah bediri saja, main ping pong ofcourse with azmi haha! A race to 10 game so kalau kira kan around 45<60 ofcourse ="8)">

My fingers were antah!! macam lain lah lastnight atu, karau~ karau as in stuck wah arah the paddle mcam terbiasa haha! I tried cara lama where i would hold it with a peace at the back, eatah noob ni haha! Ilang sudah wah nada lagi dapat~ ok aku saja paham tu =8)

vs 2 of the amateur? vateran lah kali ah =p ofcourse lah aku kalah, gila kali! but it was fun macam a challenge to me and belajar something new yg i can't master it ='(

Enough about ping pong =8)

My knee is getting ok, last ngilu effect was lastnight before balik~ Umm ooww, the guys as in as pre-u2 boys had found a place for our secret club boy's society group, ok atu cawie nama yg ku bagi atu hahahahahah! pokoknya a place where we can play ping pong whenever we want at any time any cost wah ;) inda plg~ unless kana larang by the school to use that place lagi which hopefully doesn't happen

Okay ping pong jua masih kan haha

Mmm~ ummm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm

Ok i'll just share yesterday's dream, macam biasa lah~ about the benda yg i paling benci~ snakes -_-'

It includes ; "A round of applause for......

Mr. Hedge!!

Eww Anaconda!!

and finally...

shit -_-' black snake~

The story begins...

I was at the ms carnival~ and went into the reptile house ah. I don't even know mengapa aku masuk cause masa carnival atu nada pun ku masuk -_-' okay mimpi-mimpi :D Eatah macam there was only one cage and one ONLY!! macam smua lah animals yg ada dalam sana atu, kana mix. The cage shapenya mcam a house but instead of walls kana pakai cage, apakan~ namanya cage HAHA! ok funself =8)

me ; inda drang attack each other kan ni?

sum1 ; no they won't do that, specially trained

not long after that convo the animals were getting wild tia!! ='( the anaconda ate everything except for the hedgehog and black snake pasal hedge was running around the cage while being chased by black. So they pusing-pusing mcam MEATSPIN!! HAHA! the anaconda paning and hedge started running towards ana and ana opens it's mouth tapiiii!!!! hedge buka lagi basar!!! =O palui!!! HAHAHAHAHA! so yeah, anaconda kana makan oleh hedge =8) and hedge macam lagi ganas after that so it began jumping up and down hitting the roof of the cage which was made of cage, merjelsss =p

Last-last terbuka so hedge and black escaped but still chasing each other around the room. I mean it was really scary! i think i was attacked by black kali and then i forgot what happened -_-' buduh lah pokoknya ='( i hate snakes, bukan hate kali~ more like disgust by it :) that's all~ may i survive in that dream, amin! eyh~ AMEN! HAHA! =D

Saturday, July 24, 2010


What's the deal with my brain?
Why am I so obviously insane?
In a perfect situation
I lead love down the drain.
There's the pitch, slow and straight.
All I have to do is swing
and I'm a hero, but I'm a zero.

Hungry nights, once again
Now it's getting unbelievable.
'Cause I could not have it better,
But I just can't get no play
From the girls, all around
As they search the night for someone to hold onto.
And just pass through...

ooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. oh Ooohhh oohh.
ooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. oh Ooohhh oohh.

Get your hands off the girl,
Can't you see that she belongs to me?
And I don't appreciate this excess company.
Though I can't satisfy all the needs she has
And so she starts to wander...
Can you blame her?

oooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. oh Ooohhh oohh.
oooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. oh Ooohhh oohh.

Tell me there's a logic out there.
Leading me to better prepare
For the day that something really special might come.
Tell me there's some hope for me.
I don't wanna be lonely
For the rest of my days on the earth.


oooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. oh Ooohhhhhhhhhh.
oooooooh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. oh Ooohhh Oohh.
oooooohoooooooo oowoahhooooooooooooooooo
oooooohoooooooo oowoahoooooooooooooooooo

ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo
ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo ooooowoahhhhoooooooooooo

I'm not going to school this morning pasal malas haha! well that's not actually my reason ;p my left knee sakit -_-' whenever it's straight, i can feel the pain~ the ngilu-ness ='( so macam automatically terbend lah cmatu, deep-deep! I think it's pasal yesterday's basketball. Salah turn or was i too fast too turn? =p idk~ hehe =8) pokoknya macam terpelicuk but the only thing is any arah the knee instead of ankle -_-' hoping there won't be any serious problem to it cause i got a marathon to do with jon, yeah we paid it sudah yesterday :)

Maybe i'll come during ptg saja, nada plg ada class tu haha! andang jua cmatu wah :D Krg malam maybe ada something lagi mcam last week at azmi's yg what they called ' KARAOKE REHEARSAL ' hahahaha! karaoke pun ada rehearsal kan =p well aku ping pong lah ;) Gila-gila wah handalnya sana atu, especially bapa si azmi and bungsunya =8) inspiration~ also memutuskan asa jua haha! mcam nada harapan to be as good as them ='(

I was against my dad last week, i bullied him =p i was OWNINGGG!! the game, but just for a moment ='( The rest aku jarih hahaha!

I'm still sick~ asal batuk confirm sakit -_-' baru-baru ani plg tu~ sedamam-damamnya pun masih jua kan behujan -_-' apa punya org~ It was monday and thursday kami main bball in the rain~ i guess it's the bball season i think

That's all! Ishak is still in singapore, booo!! Hoping as soon as ea balik dapat blajar tarus so i would get it before the qualifying~ deep wah tu if masa qualifying aku test jua ='(


Friday, July 23, 2010


This is the exact same shoe my dad and me jumpa masa d miri, well he was basically laughing on how ridiculous it was~ macam cali wah the design and all but skali kami liat harganya $500+ buuduuuhhhh!!!!! just for a shoe kan??!! antam tah!!! gilaaaa-giilaaaaa~ =D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You're in my possession now ;)

Sooo! uhhuh-uhhuh cheeyh~ banar ku nada skulah tadi =8) went ke miri ler utk uruskan the unfinished business, shopping HAHA! howell last time nda ku sampat bali and now sampat tia ku sudah ;D

Hey there sexy~ =p

Ok looking around miri, paning plg~ can't spot any vespa~ deep jua ah -_-'

Each of us bought shoes saja haha! shoe's season kali :D Nadiah was being~ ntah!! haha! melayan wah ea ah. We were at giant kali? thirsty brabis and terjumpa minuman eatah mom and dad suruh beli saja minuman eatah aku ani mcm ke ujung tempat beers ah then ea ani melayan tia jua haha! makin larak wah ea ani =p

Not much to tell anyway pasal most of the time aku tidur~ journey lah :D and wooaahhh~ lain eyh cause mcm sanang-sanang org betatoo atu ah, cool eyh~ ada yg cawie plg. Well bari takut plg jua huehue~

I bought something jua!!!!

4 barsss!!!! nyumnyum!!! puas hati haha ;D

Room 2 tomorrow? maybe!! kaleeee~ =8)

IDK what reasons kan ku bagi esuk ani arah cikgu-cikgu~ antam saja lah labuuu~ :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Aaaahhh~ the visit to ripas which was on tuesday, siuk plg pasal the machines were so so cool especially yg dapat move sana sini atu, the tv lah (screen actually :D)

Mmm~ seriously, 1st impression ku looking myself in that picture mcm pundan wah HAHA! banar~ i looked like a pundan!! Not pundan lah, mcm more to mr.softy guy -_-' haha ok ntah!!! :D

I found a cool site here -> !!!!!

So Wednesday mcm biasa, futsal~ Thursday had the class photoshoot, deep it was the last and still bediri jua masih. Cubatah duduk -_-' Skali-skala ler :D Oww~ during cca we went to visit muaz at ripas. Kesian~ He had to surgery his jaw sendiri, lagi deep!! nada deyh, the doctors lah apakan haha ;p

These 3 days holiday, it was a LAN party at me house~ wireless party lah haha! Kan mengalah kan DreamHack lan party tah ni which consists of 10,554 computers and 11,060 attendees. Kami baru 7 pcs and 7 attendees haha! sabar-sabar =p Zaim Ayyub Aiman Joules Amin Hadi and me. Dota sekajap plg saja kami main, most of the time hero siege! siuk-siuk~ Me and ayyub completed it masa saturday. Kami dua saja since si Amin awal subuh dah balik and zaim and hadi had to balik before maghrib. Joules~ howell org maju eatah minding his own business saja :p Inda plg ea terdisconnect :D

Sunday~ tinggal 2 saja Ayyub and Joules~ We played pakai garena since Aiman and Jon kan join. We played tree-tags anddd legion TD war!!! cool cool~ Sent both of them home malam


DreamHack~~ ;)

Sooooo as for today~ aku bangun and liat the tv! Waaahh!! ada replay goal from the spain and not long after that Netherland attack and bula went out thennnnnn ada whistle!! Puuttt ppuuttt ppiiitttt!!! DEEP~ -_-' final match and i watched it for 10s kali saja huhu~ back to carpet! since aku tidur dalam living room jua kan haha!

I didn't went to school~ at around ptg went to wywy to join mr.fatlee's lone lunch =p sodap-sodap and then went to school to jumpa liyana <3>

I seriously need to exercise~ but malas huehue =8) more sports saja jadi tah kali ah ;)

Sooooooooo~ i'm not coming to school again maybe tomorrow! definitely not coming! =8) i think~ pasal i'm following my parents to the place yg ada unfinished business there ;D imma finish it esuk if dapat :D

aaannddd maybe wednesday going for that interview in room 2 if free~ Gila deep hantap!! kan dapatkan atu pun mesti ada interview?? the world is getting harder harder~ faster faster~ you got my temperature rising up like..... lalala~ =D BYE!

I renewed my license btw, so it has been a year sudah haha!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire

Please be mine!!! =')

Come closer :)

I am currently eating this =8) barutah termakan wah haha! well i bought it macam a week ago kali sudah masa di miri :D giileeeee nyamannya ;) menangis!! haha! ok atu saja BYE! =p

Hmm~ lack of updates!! bnyak plg actually yg interesting yg i should really share but malas haha! and mcm terlupa-lupa sudah the scene :D macam about ke miri atu where we met a drunk person and ea buka baju and showoff segala musclenya when actually inda bemuscle hahaha! Climbing at berambang! a very nice place for people especially teenagers pasal this is the place where driving is legal at any age haha! in brunei?!!! Awu!!!! haha! no license needed =p roadtax inda payah~ even license pun no need haha! cool lah ;) there was also a scene macam dalam movie. siuk siuk :D

It was pretty much high, paning if liat kebawah for me haha!

Yeah! atu bnyak ah helmet ah haha! lain jua rasanya mcm nada membawa apa-apa atu eatah ambil saja tia haha!

Yeap! Iiiii was tired!! Pasal seharian nada tidur haha! I finally slept on the hammock after climbing =D that was my 1st time on it =8)

The day we escaped from school beramai pasal ada that talk thingy and we went for a photoshoot which was cool ;) GAY photographers!! haha but they were cool~ friendly macam MUUNYEEETTTTT!! HAHA!

serious look

Smiley~ :)

Notice that syarif and azlan had the same expression for both picture, tukar cara pose saja haha! =p and the boys in white are cool pasal straight ah, kaluks!! kalau d susun wah all red and grey and blue and ntah!! pokoknya seline lah, it would be cool ;)

beach volleyball at empire~

this was taken by hazwan pundan ;p gila macam ada controversial wah in this photo. It looks like i was giving a 'fcuk you' motion arah the guy in white under the M haha! but indaaa!! eatah!! i totally forgot what was i doing :D and they said 'padantah the guy in white tantang-tantang haha! ' sooo entah lah :D

The ubd trip I was late and paksa transport sendiri, deep deep~ kan besanang tah ni but nda menjadi :D

i cut my hair recently arah kathy ling ;) well after that cut i received lots of compliment lah of me being berisi sudah, shiizzz!! haha! awu plg pasal pmalas dah~ eatah tadi i was asking my mom about tomorrow's plan ani then ea tarus-tarus cakap pasal aku lampuh sudah, ketawa and jalan saja ea haha! so idk apa plannya esuk ani haha!

ooo~ i won somethangzz from the mall arcade masa 1st of july atu haha! well the others were busy main lumba kereta and all so aku mcm nada tau apa yg kan d main so i tried out the machine yg ada teddies begantungan atu and i chose yg sikit lagi kan gugur and dapat haha! Happy lah ku ;) 1st time ada patung haha! :D