Sunday, July 25, 2010

888 again?


cool~ if only dapat arah kereta~ that would be the greatest invention ever =8)

Sooo~ i came home at around 2AM lastnight from mentiri. Gilersss macam about 4-5 hours wah bediri saja, main ping pong ofcourse with azmi haha! A race to 10 game so kalau kira kan around 45<60 ofcourse ="8)">

My fingers were antah!! macam lain lah lastnight atu, karau~ karau as in stuck wah arah the paddle mcam terbiasa haha! I tried cara lama where i would hold it with a peace at the back, eatah noob ni haha! Ilang sudah wah nada lagi dapat~ ok aku saja paham tu =8)

vs 2 of the amateur? vateran lah kali ah =p ofcourse lah aku kalah, gila kali! but it was fun macam a challenge to me and belajar something new yg i can't master it ='(

Enough about ping pong =8)

My knee is getting ok, last ngilu effect was lastnight before balik~ Umm ooww, the guys as in as pre-u2 boys had found a place for our secret club boy's society group, ok atu cawie nama yg ku bagi atu hahahahahah! pokoknya a place where we can play ping pong whenever we want at any time any cost wah ;) inda plg~ unless kana larang by the school to use that place lagi which hopefully doesn't happen

Okay ping pong jua masih kan haha

Mmm~ ummm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mm mm m mmm mm mm mmm

Ok i'll just share yesterday's dream, macam biasa lah~ about the benda yg i paling benci~ snakes -_-'

It includes ; "A round of applause for......

Mr. Hedge!!

Eww Anaconda!!

and finally...

shit -_-' black snake~

The story begins...

I was at the ms carnival~ and went into the reptile house ah. I don't even know mengapa aku masuk cause masa carnival atu nada pun ku masuk -_-' okay mimpi-mimpi :D Eatah macam there was only one cage and one ONLY!! macam smua lah animals yg ada dalam sana atu, kana mix. The cage shapenya mcam a house but instead of walls kana pakai cage, apakan~ namanya cage HAHA! ok funself =8)

me ; inda drang attack each other kan ni?

sum1 ; no they won't do that, specially trained

not long after that convo the animals were getting wild tia!! ='( the anaconda ate everything except for the hedgehog and black snake pasal hedge was running around the cage while being chased by black. So they pusing-pusing mcam MEATSPIN!! HAHA! the anaconda paning and hedge started running towards ana and ana opens it's mouth tapiiii!!!! hedge buka lagi basar!!! =O palui!!! HAHAHAHAHA! so yeah, anaconda kana makan oleh hedge =8) and hedge macam lagi ganas after that so it began jumping up and down hitting the roof of the cage which was made of cage, merjelsss =p

Last-last terbuka so hedge and black escaped but still chasing each other around the room. I mean it was really scary! i think i was attacked by black kali and then i forgot what happened -_-' buduh lah pokoknya ='( i hate snakes, bukan hate kali~ more like disgust by it :) that's all~ may i survive in that dream, amin! eyh~ AMEN! HAHA! =D

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