Sunday, July 11, 2010


Aaaahhh~ the visit to ripas which was on tuesday, siuk plg pasal the machines were so so cool especially yg dapat move sana sini atu, the tv lah (screen actually :D)

Mmm~ seriously, 1st impression ku looking myself in that picture mcm pundan wah HAHA! banar~ i looked like a pundan!! Not pundan lah, mcm more to mr.softy guy -_-' haha ok ntah!!! :D

I found a cool site here -> !!!!!

So Wednesday mcm biasa, futsal~ Thursday had the class photoshoot, deep it was the last and still bediri jua masih. Cubatah duduk -_-' Skali-skala ler :D Oww~ during cca we went to visit muaz at ripas. Kesian~ He had to surgery his jaw sendiri, lagi deep!! nada deyh, the doctors lah apakan haha ;p

These 3 days holiday, it was a LAN party at me house~ wireless party lah haha! Kan mengalah kan DreamHack lan party tah ni which consists of 10,554 computers and 11,060 attendees. Kami baru 7 pcs and 7 attendees haha! sabar-sabar =p Zaim Ayyub Aiman Joules Amin Hadi and me. Dota sekajap plg saja kami main, most of the time hero siege! siuk-siuk~ Me and ayyub completed it masa saturday. Kami dua saja since si Amin awal subuh dah balik and zaim and hadi had to balik before maghrib. Joules~ howell org maju eatah minding his own business saja :p Inda plg ea terdisconnect :D

Sunday~ tinggal 2 saja Ayyub and Joules~ We played pakai garena since Aiman and Jon kan join. We played tree-tags anddd legion TD war!!! cool cool~ Sent both of them home malam


DreamHack~~ ;)

Sooooo as for today~ aku bangun and liat the tv! Waaahh!! ada replay goal from the spain and not long after that Netherland attack and bula went out thennnnnn ada whistle!! Puuttt ppuuttt ppiiitttt!!! DEEP~ -_-' final match and i watched it for 10s kali saja huhu~ back to carpet! since aku tidur dalam living room jua kan haha!

I didn't went to school~ at around ptg went to wywy to join mr.fatlee's lone lunch =p sodap-sodap and then went to school to jumpa liyana <3>

I seriously need to exercise~ but malas huehue =8) more sports saja jadi tah kali ah ;)

Sooooooooo~ i'm not coming to school again maybe tomorrow! definitely not coming! =8) i think~ pasal i'm following my parents to the place yg ada unfinished business there ;D imma finish it esuk if dapat :D

aaannddd maybe wednesday going for that interview in room 2 if free~ Gila deep hantap!! kan dapatkan atu pun mesti ada interview?? the world is getting harder harder~ faster faster~ you got my temperature rising up like..... lalala~ =D BYE!

I renewed my license btw, so it has been a year sudah haha!