Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm not going to school this morning pasal malas haha! well that's not actually my reason ;p my left knee sakit -_-' whenever it's straight, i can feel the pain~ the ngilu-ness ='( so macam automatically terbend lah cmatu, deep-deep! I think it's pasal yesterday's basketball. Salah turn or was i too fast too turn? =p idk~ hehe =8) pokoknya macam terpelicuk but the only thing is any arah the knee instead of ankle -_-' hoping there won't be any serious problem to it cause i got a marathon to do with jon, yeah we paid it sudah yesterday :)

Maybe i'll come during ptg saja, nada plg ada class tu haha! andang jua cmatu wah :D Krg malam maybe ada something lagi mcam last week at azmi's yg what they called ' KARAOKE REHEARSAL ' hahahaha! karaoke pun ada rehearsal kan =p well aku ping pong lah ;) Gila-gila wah handalnya sana atu, especially bapa si azmi and bungsunya =8) inspiration~ also memutuskan asa jua haha! mcam nada harapan to be as good as them ='(

I was against my dad last week, i bullied him =p i was OWNINGGG!! the game, but just for a moment ='( The rest aku jarih hahaha!

I'm still sick~ asal batuk confirm sakit -_-' baru-baru ani plg tu~ sedamam-damamnya pun masih jua kan behujan -_-' apa punya org~ It was monday and thursday kami main bball in the rain~ i guess it's the bball season i think

That's all! Ishak is still in singapore, booo!! Hoping as soon as ea balik dapat blajar tarus so i would get it before the qualifying~ deep wah tu if masa qualifying aku test jua ='(


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