Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The moon was shinin' on the lake that night

It's freezing cold here so i had to turn off the aircond. Just woke up and it's 2.32AM deep~ pikir macam 4 kah or 5 -_-' and i am hungry ='( makan inda makan inda?! if aku makan i would end up tidur after that but if inda i'm suffering here haha!

Soo yesterday was....hmm? ok?! yeah if dipikirkan macam ok wah pasal all this time skulah macam takut this and that, hws lah~ but yesterday atu macam...ntah~ nothing if d pikirkan. GP~ i did the presentation on invention of chariot skate, a cool skate indeed =8)

I like the T-stop, cara the girl braking ;)

I was the 9th presenter~ Ok kinda takut so i sat down thinking apa yg kan ku cakap, how to present it, meliat cmna yg lain present. Makin naik confident lah! Cool! Cool! and I'm ready!! Skali it was my turn, wilson gave me his baie smile face then aku mcam 'APA?!!!' all of a sudden nervous tia balik HAHAHA! My hands weren't shaking pasal aku pigang hardcover but!! my legs wouldn't stop moving, kicking the air here and there =D and antah!!! taie eyh~ =8)

Khalillah did a presentation on invention of BRA! HAHAHA! interesting~ the inventor's name HAHA! Otto Titzling!! see see =p now i get it where all the name came from ;D

If it wasn't chariot skate, i would do this~ Toe mouse, just what i need in real-life ;)

Physics, someone brought this snake toy -_-'

Went to bandar to pick nadiah and wardeena that afternoon and sent wardeena ugama. Meet up with fatlee there, plan kan buy the 20cent milo ah~ Just like old times~ masa ugama =8) but nda jadi, deep -_-' becerita jua saja sana haha!

Back to school, BCS for ping pong, muaz is kurus =D then Bball around the world~ 1st time tah ku mng ni haha! ;D Joules got 2nd, Syarif 3rd, Aiman 4th, Ayyub 5th and lastly Tawa yg stuck arah 2nd spot haha! 1st plg tempat paling batah =p

Ambil wardeena from school and i went for a jog. I did around 2.2km~ gila!! kepisan haha! pasal bebukit eatah. Shawa and all then tidur, eatah awal bangun ani ni -_-'

Later ICC huehue~ so lucky class kami and the I's. Eatah yg ku nda paham tu, why 2 class ani saja? Hmm~

Liy<3!! i found out something cool

HALOOO!!!!! ;)

miss you

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