Monday, August 9, 2010

i thank yew

It's 11 in the morning and i just woke up, gilers~ so tired eatah i decided to not go to school, PAGI! petang saja krg ;)

Yesterday standard chattered's seeing is believing and run that cares kah?? event was ok, siuk jua lah ;) Monkeyh woke me up at around 4-4.40AM, mandi and we had a jog subuh-subuh ah~ atu gila, it was very much cold and our jogging phase was so much faster. I thought ani jogging phastenya and he thought that was mine HAHAHA! pandai jua lalah ea ani ;p i guess the bukit isn't his thang after all, kalau trees settle tah ku tu =p

As we arrived at jerudong's amphitheatre, waah ramai sudah org~ pukul 5+ jua lakat. Changed there and wandered around. Bnnyak lah org MS ; teachers i think i saw 3 kali? Students ; ANTAH!!! bnyak haha! well sadang, mostly Project V

Fun run started after 5-10minutes of yg 10km, i had to be jon's guider since kami ikut yg blindfold challenge. Trust me, being blindfolded is even more easier than guider pasal i was tired masatu, inhaling and exhaling through the mouth and at the same time becakap jua membagi direction to jon. Awal-awal the rope was payah cause macam panjang, in the end pigang tangan saja kami, peduli ya~ lagi sanang haha! We were couple number 3 to finish the line, jaditah ;)

I saw batman while running hahaha! a kid in his costume :D There were also

Yup! 2 stormtroopers! one person yg 2.5 with us and the other lagi 10km bawa riflenya haha! i didn't get a chance to take a picture with them pasal ramai org and 2ndly aku kana the chest pain thingy after minum bnyak minuiman manis ah. I can't resist minum it, tastenya kan sama macam redbull but if red bull kalau sajuk brabis baru nyaman kan ani inda payah, lagi warmer lagi nyaman i think haha! sajuk plg time atu haha but masa warmer nyaman jua ;)

Hantappp!!! especially when it is free lagi masatu haha! i drank 3 tins in a row so eatah ada chest effect atu -_-' went to rest aarah the seats but too cold so i sat in the toilet, still cold jua!! finally i went to the car and slept there for a while since sana bagiku confirm panas haha!

ani pun ada yesterday ;)

So the rest of the time i spent it with liyana ajee <3

Awal-awal mengusut baie ah skali i gave him the car's key to play around with it pandai diam =p He was/is the worst driver ever fyi HAHAHA! bari takut seriously =D Sent him home and back home, apakan!

People were busy here and there mengusai this and that drumah but aku tidor saja haha! cause i was really tired, by the time bangun mandi dtg-dtg tia org haha! Joules was the 1st one to come, 2nd king aslan, 3rd donkey's bestfriend, SHREK haha ;p 4th idk? pasal masa kami hangout arah kereta all fatlee ben potengz and mizan came at the same time. Makan and all then we went to mentiri to play ping pong, si azmi yg nada mau-mau kan lawan drang haha!

They balik awal sikit while me and jon pukul 11 balik. The internet ada problem lastnight, it wouldn't connect~ si i had to go up and down till you say stop lalalala~ haha! to cabut this pasang that then cabut then pasang then cabut then pasang then cabut then pasang sampai mau -_-'


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