Saturday, September 11, 2010

from yours truly ;)

Slalu ah~ asal saja 9AM barutah terbangun sendiri tu, but then tidur plg balik tu cause it's still cold, if it's getting hotter ertinya kan pukul 12 tah sudah tu. Cool~ i mean the room pasal tau masa olehnya even without the need of clock. Taie mu!! nada cool!! HAHA!

So i'm sitting here in a boring room it's just another . . . =D tarus-tarus kan the lagu ada in my head haha!

Left the house at around 1PM but atu pun masa kan jalan ada org dtg huhu~ so dad invite them masuk to meet nini then jalan tia kami. 1st was at jerudong arah nini ( my dad's parents, fyi ) there we stayed still around 2.30 kali so i had to cancel my plan on going to dinie's open house and decided to stick with ma familia saja ;) . Had to apologize also to nafi gurka pasal ea kan ksana jua ikut aku. I told dinie aku revise physics hahaha! main-main plg tu =p

Shizzzniitt!!! this is so so cool!! sudah kluar kah d cinema? if not i am so so gonna watch it, even if i have to go alone =8) plus hopefully aku nada kapih :D or maybe kluar sudah huhu!! hopefully balum and KAN! kluar :D my my my!!! but too bad johnny cage had to rest ='(

After jerudong we went to all yg ada kawasan bunut~ 1st there was tempat my dad dulu begauk main kura-kura and all :D Then went to abg omar's arh flat, there ada tapak kuda huahua! pajak-pajak!

Dad : alaa tapak kuda kah? salah hidang tah kau tu, abis ni olehnya * points at me *

Dad's Sis : Ya kah? bah kalau mau sama kudanya tarus, ada plg tu

HAHAHAHA! watched a bit of double impact there and went to dad's brozha yg to me usulnya mcm ajis satar

benar~ kalau tak percaya ya sudah =p

after bunut went to kiarong tempat si nurul which is also my auntie kamariah yg mama si liyana kenal ani i think. I'm actually confuse which one pasal ada 2 kamariah wah =p My mom's sis and my dad's sis~ dua-dua jua kamariah and i think yg mamanya kenal ani this one kali~ my dad's sis, kali kali kali haha!

There me and dad had a really deep convo about my future, inda plg deep~ mcm oklah jua. Dad actually doesn't want me to pursue my study cause baginya it's just a waste of time. Then he talked about kerajanya. Then he wanted me to find a job as soon as possible, well he recommended BKN plg under the government. He even said that skarang ani payah, eventhough plajaran tinggi-tinggi in the end start from the bottom jua, well some of it are actually real plg. That's from his views lah, but i think mom lain sikit, she wants me to continue tu eyh. Inda plg she talked about it but atu yg usually apa ea cakap. butt jubur~ haha! i think i'm more onto dad's views lah pasal he said something plg jua~ Boleh if can continue study, if only i can study masih and get good grades, something cmatu lah~ which i think nada lagi ada tu in me =p huehuehue! ada plg kali, ganya i am a too damn laid back person. So liatlah HAHA!

I just knew that my abg is one of the officer arah TAIB if i'm not mistaken~ officer as in rank wah =p i mean! wow!! baru 6 months kraja sana and jadi officer tia but my dad said sayangnya ea ani cuai, cause there are only 3 officers arah departmentnya atu~ ea and 2 others. According to my dad he can get better position if ea nada main-main pasal challengesnya nada ramai, only 2~ compared to my dad yg ada 7 mayors in the juvenile centre ah. Now ea ktua plg there but still on the challenge to maintain his position and kinda complicated pasal 7 org, ramai wah too compared to 3~ He even mentioned that he got there pasal ada experienced and the only thing that's preventing him from getting higher position is the kelulusan! My dad punya kelulusan nada seberapa so mcm mesti work harder lagi something like that i think cause nda ku brapa paham this 'WORKING WORLD' HAHA! i think my dad was trying to explain as simple as possible using terms that i would understand :D

Soo! his main point is that aku higher kelulusan sudah which i think was the o'level saja so eatah katanya why waste time. You're still young, cari experienced lah for 1 or 2 or ntah years, do service for the country. By the time kau kan quit or apa dapat lagi cari keraja lain~ Still young!! something cmatu, deep lah hehe~ but siuk plg usulnya once he came to the what-you-want-topic~ mcm house, cars, motorcycles~ freedom lah pokoknya :D fuhh~ it got me thinking jua lah

Ooow~ before kiarong i remember we went to begkurong 1st after bunut at tua brahim's. I had this convo with my abg about our love life. Hmm~ ntah ea ani haha! Ea putus again baru-baru ani, atu pun pasal ea ignore the gf and the gf nada sanggup lagi. COD saja bah ea ah =p well i'm not gonna say talur or apa ea ani cause i've been there jua, and i'm sorry to mangsa ku huehue! but atleast now i think aku makin kurang main dah lah, more too sleeping saja HAHAHA! ada seasonsnya jua lah. I won't promise i'll stop playing, but i'll try to lessen it~ if dapat which i think is so hard. Ani 2 days dah kali ku nada main huhu! Ntah!! maybe cause i miss liyana =p but krg if ea ada baru tah ku main tu! HAHAH! i found it weird, i mean mcm ntah!! mengapa kan cmati atu ah? Maybe pasal the rinduness relieve kali dah eatah, idk! no can explain it ok!! just trying here =p

Ka Mitchel was a nice person, idk why my brother broke up with her jua, sayang eyh. Ok enough about it, cakap pasal org aku ani~ aku ani apa kurangnya, sama saja haha! Like brohter like brother =D mcm like father like son but ani between mu and my abg kah so cmatulah haha! Kawin sama COD kali saja ea ani =p

So masa balik kan balik dari bengkurong

" Ani jangan-jangan anak yg ke-2 kali ni dulu yg kawin, " HAHAHAHA! OMG!! WTH!!! mcm was that a coincidence or what?? inda plg ku tau mengapa tarus kana cakap cmatu ah after i had convo with abg atu, but atu masa dalam kerita jua tu before sana~ mcm lurus wah the case~ ntah eyh HAHAHAAHAHA! i just find it weird :D

After kiarong went to well kiarong jua arah tangah Yahya, his son yg Amilin y'know y'know~ kalau inda search saja AMKA arah facebook~ ada tu =p went to Komunis before to tangah pasal abg needed to find something to do after beraya. TFF is close for 4 days eatah nada ea tau apa kan d buat drumah haha! Lain rasanya katanya teranah d rumah atu HAHAHA!

Then rimba~ arah nini soraya and finally to my dad's kawan, i assume this one gengnya dulu plg~ gengnya blari bukit MS as they recalled haha! Cool~ ntah pokoknya cool lah, both of his son pemain bola, one for indera fc and one for dpmm fc, si dudi kah? i think~ ooow! waaw! and rupanya ea ani dulu pemain national brunei jua, idk lurus kah nada tu~ i don't even know namanya haha! but the house was cool~ ada lah tu for certain reason, malas ku cerita about it haha! Ok pokoknya the fazha punya pemikiran was wow!!

Dad's friend : eyh si awang landuk wah, kawin jua ea sudah

Dad : Awang mana?

D's F : Yg buntak-buntak ah!!

D : Owh ea~ kawin ea sudah ah, syukur tah

D's F : Eatah! mukanya atu nada jua handsome, macam pelanduk~ nasib banar tah tu ea atu


D : dgn siapa kawinnya ani

D's F : Dgn pilipin ah~

D : ah pilipin?


Oww~ awu ah, masa sana they talked about our future jua, mcm wow! what a weird day it is, 'PELIK' =p <3

Tried few houses d lambak but nada jadi cause nada yg ada so balik after that.

Questions of the day was : Ada yg bekeraja sudah? and the answer would be ada, yg tua d TAIB~ =D

Yesterday lain lagi : Bila tah kamu start keraja tu? answer : hari dua for kerajaan and swasta hari satu :D

BYE!! mengalih ku sudah!! eatah pindek-pendik kan~ huahauhauahu! awu ah~ i had a very weird dream, both of them came and something-something

" You made 2 mistakes, 1st you got in, 2nd you got out! "

That line was from my dream! gilaa!! cool wah tu!! mcm awal-awal you got in and it was a mistake, eventhough a mistake atleast try to bear with it and someday jadi ok tu. Inda sanggup got out, kalau cmatu bhapa masuk??!! pokoknya know the risk lah HAHA! kalee~ ntah mcm nada logic jua aku ani =p huehueheuehueheue! sadar plg ku tu, kaleee! haaha! let me use a simple version, uummm

getting in wouldn't be a mistake if you hadn't gotten out, that's much better kan?


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