Sunday, October 31, 2010

good old times =')

i have a tumblr plg, kalau mau cari search arah google " take a picture tumblr " HAHA! nada jua kamu percaya tu wah =p

ok nada wah haha! i found this out dari tumblr's post si hadi. Cool so since i don't have 1 i'm just gonna reblog it here ;D

READ FIRST; It was around a year ago I think when we were sending people off to uk and stuff, me jon aiman grul and someother guys had a rave party of our own in gruls tucson with this song hahahha good times

in detail ; i drove tucson left and right when the beat was right haha!....or left wawawa! but not wrong ;D huehuehue! plus there was this party's on and off lighting on someone's handphone. Syarif and chub was at the boot of the tucson masa tu haha! arah bonet =p ramai brabis jua udah tu dalam tucson ah mun sampai cmatu dah haha!

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