Sunday, October 10, 2010

If i leave you, it doesn't mean I love you any less

Wohooo! won another 3 million euros!! That's what was being stated in the emails! HAHA! i mean LOL! if only they were real, kaya ku sudah eyh =8)

Nothing productive today, same as yesterday but yesterday was kinda fun cause 1) mcm biasaler! I came late which was around 8, sampat plg chem. Dui~ lapang class ah haha! Mcm 8 - 10 people ganya LOL!

Maths, ramai jua lah~ cukup lumayan ;) and them group C GP's class of teacher malai's, i mean auntie =p HAHA! yg led by shrek followed by armiesnya si dano, bur and someone which aku lupa :D They were walking back and forth of every pu2's classes i think taking pictures as they passed by ;p Very creative guys HAHA!

Then went to the audi after break for a-talk-before-exam's talk :D Had chem class ptg and celebrated sir ravoof's advanced birthday. The cake was way too creamy! but ok lah since low budget jua kan haha ;p Sudah ku ada atu nada tia meriah ='( last year masa ku absent bukan main huhu~ not my luck.

Azim!! I know you're reading this baie =p HAHA! rupanya ;p

Spent the rest of the day with liyana~ just what i needed =') while the others were busy 'enjoying' the sad moments =p touching lah jua, but nada lah benar-benar since i know lepas exam skulah lakat but that doesn't mean inda dapat kan kan~ ok NVM, salah paham tia kmu krg haha! lemme funself =8) Played bball for about 10minutes before goin home

So 2 days~ yesterday and today, i finished watching just 4 movies. Apa inda, movie 2 hrs jadi 4-6 hrs wah oleh ku haha. Play, pause, surf, play pause surf =D

i watched it before plg but i just wanna watch it again, sooo~ yeaahhh ;)

I fell asleep while watching this lastnight then i decided to watch it again pagi tadi around 11 since that was when i woke up. Eyah tarus lagi meliat tu lapas bangun, baru ya no life haha!

NOOOOOO!!!! ='( fuker!

Yep!! It is a wtf story for me! sayang eyh ='( mcm really no point lah, disappointed wah ku huhu~ and cmani tah ni the whole movie, FRAGMENTSS~ atu banaaar! belurus sama title LOL!

Aaaah~ ani (Y) cool-cool! ;)

Deep! =p ..... shit! LOL!

Masa hujan lagi cool the costume, kalau ku ada 1 wah~ slalu ku pakai beujan tu haha! ;)

The last was this~ Funny people, aren't funny actually ;p nda wah~ gue acah ajee ;)


Also, the title was from here~ atu funny? deep wah tu haha! =p maybe pasal atu kali ea cali~ Ok apakan! nada pandai buat movie's review aku ani =8)

HAAAANYWAY!! went to tasek meradun today which was around 7.30ish~ drove there actually, gila~ sadar ku plg my driving makin teruk. Nevertheless, ok jua tu nanti balik ;) Yup! arah ishak pasal kan ambil motor pasal abg is taking the class 1 license also. Awal-awal ea malas kan ambil and buat license, y'know~ yg bebayar ah! FAKE! but then lagi mahal~ so alang-alang jua kan, baik belajar saja. Gila~ ishak modified the motor, cool~ the kerusi even nyaman-err! and bnyak lah barang baru there. Even start atu sudah, kelas undang-undang. He even made his own motorcycle!! mcm bikers ahh and guess what! i am not a robot!!! nada wah~ the gear mcm kerita HAHAHAHAAHAHA! inda cool dmana tu?? say itt!!! so it is basically a motorcycle with an auto car's gear, di siringnya lah tu~ kkkuullliiiooooo!!!!

Rode it back kerumah, not yg auto atu, yg biasalah~ yg before. Gila~ it was a fun ride cause i miss it plus kali ani ada entertainment dah kan ;) Played around masa on the road huehue! So i guess imma be 19 back tomorrow since abg planned to use the motor to work instead. So presea available lah ;D


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