Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LaLoMeVe Letter

Dear Liyana,

How are you? I am fine here and hoping that you are too tree for pipe experiencing the same thing. It's been a while since i last talked to you face-to-face. Chatting doesn't count because they are not maths. LOL! I am as funny as ever, you should be proud of that. I know the exams are keeping us apart but nevertheless because it is everthemore. NVM! another funself moment. Goodluck with the exams. Do your best.

Things also known as stuffs or items been different lately. It's just not the same anymore, ok i think i am starting to repeat things. Different lately = not the same anymore, see! but that's not my point. My point is . <- here LOL! after ' is ' there's a small dot, that's the point i'm talking about. I just miss you so goodly, it doesn't sound right because it's left but what if i'm referring to right that's the opposite of wrong? NVM! what i meant was if i said i'm missing you badly, it's not that appropriate because i haven't start hurting myself, still on pause.

That's all i got to say in terms of typing. Hope to hear from you soon, so you should include a voice mail or tape in your reply. Just to let you know, i can't read anymore. It's true what they said about love makes you go blindfolded. Bye for now and after the next time we meet

Yours Truly BattleFury (BF),

Awang Alak Betatar @ Aku Cool like that @ Azez



PPS : I wasn't referring to the movie

PPPS : you Poke-len Queen!

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