Tuesday, October 5, 2010

let's talk


I think me and abg mamat were the only one left with a virgin mouth! =O let's see. There are hmm~

1) Abg Gman

2) Abg Mamat

3) Abg Lala

4) Abg Boy (kong)

5) Abg Krul (brada)

6) Me

7) Majin

8) Azmi

9) Adimu!

ok 9 of us~ cousins on me mama side! Yg boys lah, malas ku kan include the girls haha!

So back dari atas! what i meant was we we're the only 2 yg inda smoke~ hoshizz! cause i just found out that si majin start besigup sudah~ bagus jua ada function ani ah, dapat update =D but idk if abg mamat smoke kah inda~ i know ea pernah plg start smoking few years ago~ but lately nada plg ku nampak lagi~

If i ever saw him smoking, we'll i guess i have to pop my virginity~ the mouth! :p haha! well pernah plg smoke fyi, but that was masa primary 3 kali haha! i think i talked about it before so malas ku cerita lagi. So gonna join them~ nanti lah kalau abg mamat start! nada ku mau ketinggalan haha! but then if aku start pun mcm confirm the biggest bombination ever!! Nini then mom~ LOL! ok i'll think about it :D

ok let's change the subject~ let's talk about working~ ani jua gileee! terkejut wah i =O like.... aahhh! HAHA!

Ok abg mamat, abg gman and abg lala are the national heroes ( askar ) :p and abg krul is working with taib. Si azmi is working somewhere arah ong sum ping i think under ministry of education, office work. Then masa after wedding atu barutah ku that majin was joining the police force! haha fualuy!! interview dah, fitness test and all. Tunggu kana panggil saja lagi, shizzz~ no wonder kurus mengajut baie ah. Waaawww!!! mcm that was mengajut, cool lah him if dapat~

So my point is, yg tinggal is abg boy, ntah apa kah ea ani~ me and adimu! it got me thinking, almost every single day~ inda plg wawawa! but masih jua thinking kan~ idk where i'm gonna end up, let time decide! =8) hmm~ got nothing to talk more. I guess a bye is appropriate for now! BYE!

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