Friday, October 1, 2010

make your move

Whaddup dawg and cats! HAHA!

It was 23rd masatu, so mcm biasalah SNIZO jalan but ayen nada ='( So we watched this movie, Wall Street!

Shizz~ mafia ni usulnya =p

Waahh!! siuk-siuk

Skalinya the movie was about america's economy! All about the moneyh-moneyh!! mesti more than 6 digits yg drang sabut-sabut ani, kalau tedapat kan bisai~ Amin! HAHA! but doa is not enough without work =p So yeah! the movie was ok to me and ayyub i think, unlike aiman and joules where they ended up paying to get a nap HAHA! a bedtime story for the 2 gauk guys LOL!

Aaaahh~ i watched this masa d mentiri at abg mamat's wedding ceremony, bukan plg the actual wedding day~ berbadak kali? lupa ku :D

A very cool romantic story ;D

Plus it's simon pegg!! siuk kali ah asal ea ;D with the british accent woot woot! mun namanya ea dari sana HAHA!

Ellen page!!! fuhh~ she defines coolness for females ;p idk why but i like her, so my type :p pasal she's slumber kali or maybe cause to me suaranya cute =8) Ok enough about her! Whip It the movie's name. Ok lah jua

but mcm ku pernah liat jua haha! well actually belum plg i finish watching it pasal masatu d mentiri jua kan and kana panggil turun haha! so yeah nanti tah sambung

aahh! i found out about this one dari shyenne's tumblr :D She post a picture of a scene, ingat ku plg but nada tercari~ but it seems interesting since it was very clear masatu and ntah~ adalah tu cara aku evaluate movie's from gambarnya HAHA! so i downloaded it straight away, after 2 weeks siap barutah ku liat kali

At mentiri jua kan masatu haha! maybe pasal there's nothing else to do there anymore other than lotto, pingpong and karaoke.

It's weird watching this movie, siuk plg~ It's just that the main actress, ni si georgia ah, bagiku she looks like syidah HAHA! =p benar huahua! So yeah this movie basically reminds me of you syee =p

Aaaahh~ gila ni the movie. I loike it since it's based on true story and the guy yg kana cerita kan in this movie is still on the run. Idk masih kan nada but atu apa yg kana buat haha!

He's an informer lah kira kan~ and ha saves lifes

very touching, mcm what he went through his life. Wow! so so amahzing race!! HAHA! ok that's all i got for today, kalee ;D It's october btw!

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