Monday, November 15, 2010

i can't stop

So i finished watching this movie. Atu panjang!! macam terasa wah batahnya cause mcm ada scene ani, usulnya macam kan abis the movie but inda haha!

If i was given a choice of power from these heroes, i would go for adrian veidt aka ozymandias. Cooolio! a combination of sports and nerds haha!

i like the movie, pasal there's this bollywood scene where skit mng lawan bnyak haha! the slow motions fighting :)

The far right person is the most coolest guy in this movie plg pasalnya suaranya ganas and orgnya pun

die! bang bang!

but by the end of the movie, aku pikirkan mcm useless jua movie ani. Mcm cmatu saja terbiar. So bagiku mcm nada point lah. Then while sitting in the toilet tadi, tepikir tia ku! Mcm wow! clever jua ah haha! the journal really help a lot, nada ku tepikir pasal atu haha! well since the person mati, so through there lah. Main point is in the end cerita bocor. Bijak-bijak haha!

Ok imma go to sleep now or watch one last movie haha!

I got milo bars!! woot woot!

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