Friday, November 5, 2010

keep it cool y'all

Finished 2 movies this week!

a MIND FUCK movie =D Gila wah!! ntah!! very siuk! mcm the best movie ever =8) oobeerrr! haha! i loike i loike ;)

" Dream within a dream, " that happened to me before, i should be part of their movie huahau! eyyah staie haha! but ani gila wah, 4th level dream~ antah!!!!

i hate that guy yg ujung =p pasal ea mengambil kesempatan...

...kissing this girl!! cilaka kau =p hahahah! aaahh~ Ellen who turns the Page, huh? wtf? HAHAHAH!

2nd movie was this :) aahhloopppiitt ;) pasal it's based on true story as shown dalam pic above haha

Dewey Hughes and Petey Greene dalam movie

Petey Greene and Dewey Hughes in real life, ganas si petey atu but sadly he's six feet under sudah ='( tinggal old dewey saja~

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