Wednesday, November 17, 2010

this is how you remind me

Note : if you're reading this, make sure ujung-ujung before fullstop bunyinya mcm LALALALAAAA~ cause cmatu cara ku tadi masa typing this all wawa! ok NVM ;p

Helloo!! i woke up kind of late yesterday eatah nada sampat ikut skulah awal pagi. Ended up seeking for help from fatlee, baik jua ea ok mengambil. So by 9+ skulah but it was suunyiii~ or was it 10? lupa ku haha! then ada them ayyub joules, pikir abis dah the exam panya belum start huhu~ harap-harap sana drang abis and main tarus.

Played monopoly deal and i suck -_-' then org bio kluar then masuk balik. Me and mizan were bored so kami jalan ke CY buang boring. By 12 balik, aww~ ada liyana. Stayed with her till 1.30 cause she had dancing practice~ i went to rf ikut hadi, played for 2 hours. Back to school = back with liyana. Liyana balik i bballed~ Fatlee sent home, i jogged. Eyyah! ok boring! malas ku kan update ani haha!

Lied about kicking a kitten on twitter and a lot responded to it :D

Sooo! i watched this movie last nite! So so deep! happy ending plg but i can't imagine if aku in her situation, gila ku tu ah haha!

Mr. Yummy~ haha! =p

Hmm~ that's all bye!

Don't you think it's quieter now? :)

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