Monday, December 27, 2010

Eye for an eye

These are the movies i've watched after KK trip, cause nada tau apa lagi kan d buat :D

Now this is a movie that's worth watching more than 3 times compared to that Easy A ;p no offense haha! cause.....!!!!

It's another Emma Stone movie!! shizz!! jual mahal ea sini and lawa-er! since she hardly smile in the movie which is cool :D but skali senyum, waaw! Y'know, mcm lagu bruno mars ah =p

the guy in blue, mcm jack black bagi ku and in gray, idk why dalam otak terregister yg ea atu teddy geiger haha!

Meet Bill! Cool movie also, inspiring a bit :D

Jessica Alba bah dood! 284 wah tu =8)

i downloaded this movie pasal the girl is the actress yg arah flipped, hehe! pedo aku ani eyh =8)

Turns out to be a really-really fantastic movie :D


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