Thursday, December 16, 2010


Been downloading a lot of movies lately but meliatnya nada jua banyak haha! Ani ganya yg baru ku liat and i still have 15 movies left wawawawa!

no offense, but it's not a movie worth watching more than 3 times ;p just saying, saying pulang ;)

i like the beaver part saja yang " aaa nga nga nga nga nga " on the woods, HAHAHA! atu cali lah ;p

Didn't notice that this was amanda bynes!! until drang ben hazwan tagur!! palui!! She's out of the league now, tsktsk~

aaah!! flipped! i knew the movie would be great the first time i laid my eyes on their pictures while browsing for other movies, so terjumpa secara kaluk lah haha! Turns out, baanaar tah tuuu!! LOL!

The girl has pretty face, apa kah usulnya bila ea basar. She's 10 now! eyyah! tau kan haha! Pedo wawa!

Ani even lawa! waaw! i think a new replacement for ellen page! Ganya her movies belum lagi bnyak since she's still young, 14. Waahhh! gila jua ah! baru ku realised that 4 years can make big difference =O inda paham? NVM ;p

A Must Watch Movie i would say ;)

A movie mcm crow zero but with a bit of powers! Volcano High!

Cali lah pokoknya ;D mcm the tree can make jokes eatah cali pokoknya wawawa!

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