Monday, January 24, 2011

a maybe that is

Wazzap! Sorry to my loyal and unloyal readers for the lack of updates hows my life going, i know my life is kinda important to you guys eatah kamu mesti update pasal aku atu kan? :p HAHAHA! i wouldn't call you guys stalkers pasal this blog is quiet famous~ i know tq tq! HAHA!

So i am kinda jobless now, before ani jobmore tah tu wawawa! and maybe i won't cerita balik what happened these past few weeks, malas ku kan ingat kan balik haha! but that depends actually cause manatau nada kan d buat lagi kan :D

So yeah~ the party at bunut. That's me, handsome as ever ;D and sbalah ku with the hand to her chin is the party planner/host raihan. Look how angau she was to be sbalah ku LOL! sbalahnya with the peace, that's khallilah and she owes me a box of sushi =p and sbalahnya is hanafi who's night ruined by his ex HAHA! nada wah ;p on top of him is the champion of the night ayyub! He non-stopped danced the whole night, band hero-ed and karaoke-ed! Atasnya lagi is Taeyang Zul, sbalahnya is the opposite sex of twin version kevankevin, Nani of MU and Fatin who's fat inside only =p hence luar nada mau gemuk haha! Sbalahnya that's the girl who never knew about the secret handshake thingy, yasmin :D sbalahnya lagi, the person's last night in brunei and filled with a bit of drama, Arif, kesian haha! to the right, that's fiqah the hat claimer! Si arif punya woo! Dapannya is aiman! 2 kali tukar baju, masih jua basah =p and sbalahnya is heirna who has sensitive ears :p

The grad~

i think i need to stop smiling cause ok jua if aku serious ah ;D Macam baie plg but i like baie cause they're cute. Baie as in bayi baby hohohoho! merry had a little lamb =D

Me with my ' Pwingsas of the earth ' She really is a star, tuu liat saja arah badannya ada bintang ah haha ;p

What did i say? :p serious is the new! antam lah labu! ;D i'll try to update things every night before tidur ;) bye!

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