Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a nobody

Wazzap! as of for today! nothing much~ i went to school to ambil the voucher yg teacher ratni bagi, during break plg tu~ ooo cool! it's a $5 ideal voucher, ada expiry date plg :D tarus ambil kan wilson and zaim punya. Hung out with mizan zimah and najmuddin for a while, ntah drang ani! pasal 2012 apa ah haha!

Then with liyana since ea PS ;) ea PE aku PG (pigi ;p) balik rumah! nothing much to do, garena ganya~

Futsal at kebajikan around 4, then ntah~ some guys makin emotional so yeah ilang mood ku. Have fun taie! Adang tah ku tu for now, malas ku dtg lagi. Kalee huehue :D

aanyway, here i am~ garena all night saja ku and hopefully awal tidur cause tomorrow ada something at indoor's stadium at 8. BYE!


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