Tuesday, February 22, 2011

See you next week

Away for a week now ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So yeah! i just woke up from my sleep then i saw something online. I was like wth?!! serious shit? NOO! sirius black!! LOL! Is that my name i just saw on joko's status?! wtf?! then she went offline after 30s~ I blocked her before, but then this is what happened when i unblocked her~ or maybe aku perasan saja? :O but Azeerul wah! with double e's! Fyi aku kali ah ganya with double e's so far =p usually azeerul with an i saja ku jumpa, Azirul~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

the feeling to be needed

nor can i sleep in this situation

i'm just not use to not being honest enough, but i'm afraid of being too honest too

tell me when you're ready to hear some honesty, under 1 condition, deal with me

......i am the world

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8th wonder? nope, the only wonder.

Ok just something before i go to sleep! Just wanna say..


........ just one, and that's you ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

75 against 25

So today was a busy day me. Lemme just sumarise it ;)

Ambil wardeena and nadiah at bandar from aiman's. Sent wardeena ugama around 1.40+. Arrived at aiman's at 2.02 and they were in the car sudah along with my stuffs. Went to pusat belia for the perbarisan practice. Cali dude org yg mengajar kami ah haha! Usulnya pemarah plg but no he's not

After that tarus went to school for football lawan STG. We won ntah brapa but masa 2nd half aku jalan ambil wardeena and hantar ea balik and went back to school. Ok mcm inda tia usulnya haha! but i was very occupied for the day. I scored the opening goal btw, kaluk plg but jadi tah! ada jua kan dibanggakan :D and masa dtg balik sana, abis tia sudah cause ramai STG balik dah -_-' kesian org yg main for 2nd half pasal nada puas and ada drama sikit, sir izam! wawawawa! nada plg papa pasal kami geng! haha! drang nada booking panya~ sialanzz. i was covered with mud nada tantu pasal, pasal main goalie last-last atu for fun~ jumped here and there nada tantu pasal! saja kan buat action :D

After main we all went to happy dean, santap there. Then me aiman nunu and joules went shopping at huaho serusop! Sent nunu then joules and here i am. Ok aku malas! bye! tomorrow's gonna be great! hopefully :)