Sunday, April 3, 2011

let me in


Yesterday had pilot test seharian, it was ok except for the maths~ atu gila tu! bangas wah otakku haha!

Afternoon, not excactly afternoon~ still morning lakat masatu which was around 11, followed muiz along with shafathin syima and cousinnya, abang? well si syima cakap atu wah! maybe abang kali banar namanya haha! Cool jua tu kalau banar, mcm what if ea ada adi then ea kena panggil abang abang jua tu haha! sounds even mcm kata ganda hewhewhew! ok adang!

Met malcolm and shahmi at time square. Macam almost yg test atu plg ksana actually haha! The test finished around 4. So yeah that was the end. If nada kena call by 15 then i guess i failed the test. Eleksha! haha!

Aaanyway after balik, the only thing i did was finishing Modern family 1st season then downloading the 2nd season which i already finished downloading it, subtitles saja lagi :D I don't know why but mcm it's a must for me besubtitle atu :D

Am currently watching the 2nd tv series that i just started yesterday, more like a porn series! Peduli! Yg penting siuk ;D


So imma continue do something now :D Later got tournament meh at UBD tsktsk! Adios Amigos!

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