Friday, April 1, 2011

you are nice, like really :)

Hallo! It's April!!!! I'm glad march is over already~ Hate it! Well only the last few days of the month plg saja :D Drama~ Sooooo sorry for abandoning this blog, a man gotta do what a man gotta do =8) Hey! wait since i'm turning 20 this month, i'm not a teenager anymore~ so does that make me a MAN now? woceceh! shizzle ma nizzle!

Aaanyway! I woke up as early as 8.30 pasal i had promised to bawa nini laki jalan-jalan with azmi and adimu~ but by that time si azmi belum lagi datang, so boleh lah enak-enak gue mandi hewhew! Azmi came and tarus jalan, since adimu ada license sudah~ nada jua mau-mau! mau lagi sebuah tu -_-' antam tah!

Went to madang~ Ada this restaurant sana yg dekat cuci kereta just before naik bukit yg ada two supermarkets there, that's the place where nini used to mengopi with his friends and masa kami was unfortunate ;( the restaurant was closed pasal renovation i think tsktsk~ Gila i feel ya ni! mcm hampa wah! Excited dah kan sana skalinya rupanya tutup! So instead of going home i suggested ke teguh raya saja since nini biasa jua kesana dulu :)

Zapina, i know nini biasa sana but then full. So we went to the restaurant next to faize. Sana nini ok jua cause tempatnya jua tu dulu, kamonlah! Rajin mengopi kali ah dulu ;D I ordered nasi goreng thailand daging, it took forever to come~ dari thailand kali banar hagahaga!

Nini met around 4-5 of his friends~ jadi tah jua ada =') I'm happy to see that, what i'm not happy about was mengapa kawannya yg lain nada pernah datang kerumah ani kan? It's almost 2 years sudah since nini beputung and inda jua nampak-nampaknya! baie wah! Dulu bukan main rajinnya! Pak u! ok maybe inda tau jua kali, sorry =p Aku kesiankan saja nini ku, how he misses his friends. That's what i'm afraid of too! Mcm when i get older, would they even remember me? Maybe no ;( I guess my parents's theory about friends were true after all, slowly i'm beginning to accept their point :)

Otw back to the car, i heard a psst sound. Someone was trying to hit on me, you noty-noty boy =p ok it was hadi! HAHAHA! ea sama adinya LOL! so otw to kedai gunting, there was a call from adimu. I picked it up, kerita masuk longkang depan ideal -_-' Susah-susah! Both tyres on the left side tegugur sudah naik the stable. Luckily aku pro! Waceceh! muji diri lagi tu haha! I managed to get the front left tyre back on the road, atu pun bunyi mengandat basi, so kuat! So tinggal the back tyre saja lagi. Luckily there's this kind chinese guy, kinda big jua lah~ offered a help to lift the back of the car and it worked! Waalaaa! I ROVE YOU MAN! ;p L kamu R jua kan?! nada wah haha!

Bawa nini begunting, azmi was being nice~ He bought me 2 redbulls! woot woot! Well he was always nice jua wah :D The barber shop gonna change location to the pizza hut building next 2 days since sana kan kena rubuh tsktsk! Legendary wah tu place atu, ada dari ku darjah pra kali :D

Oww! i've been starting a new tv series, yeah i know ketinggalan but who cares? ;)

Yup! Siuk! HAHA! APA?!! WTF? Why The Face! HAHAHA! Eyyah tepakai! kan abis plg the 1st season, gonna download the 2nd when i finished the 1st :D

Ptg at 2+ jalan ambil Liyana then zayas then leeza then we went to empire, ada org 1st time ;p Sana ambil the cake and went to gdg. Met them zaher and the gang there. Ate it there, oww so enak loh!! ;D Then ke McD, liat wayang free then sent everyone home. I don't wanna go into details but pokoknya i had a great time with you love :) and your larap friends wawawawa! ohwell sorang plg ganya larap tu, sorang innocent haha!

I got a present!

I know you're not satisfied with this voodoo doll but it's ok ;) Atleast i have someone to accompany me when kau merajuk ;p nada wah! Thank You Very Much! I Love You! Happy Advanced 10th Monthsary ;) April is a good month! We'll go through it peacefully, amin! oi readers! AMIN! HAHA! BYE!

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