Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i will never say never!

So i woke up at around 10 this morning and went down to the living room. Usually ada new dvds tu ampai-ampai cause my brother always go to the komunis to buy dvds there and what a surprise for today. Guess what, NEVER SAY NEVER!! hahahaha! i was like wth?! my brother hates bieber!

i remember there was this one time when i turned on the radio to bieber's song he asked me to change it. Pokoknya sasak lah ea, even he insulted that suaranya mcm bini-bini. So i asked him about the dvd since ea kraja msani~

i was expecting ea menyasak tah ni by that :D Skalinya.....

a new belieber~ =8) HAHAHA!


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