Saturday, May 21, 2011

scary eye

So i had a umm...kind of a vivid dream today. Gilers~ it was scary. So we were stuck in one of the room di atas yg d ujung where there are 2 doors, 1 yg for the exit tarus keluar rumah and 1 for the 1 yg masih dalam rumah. Paham kamu tu cmana haha! So anyway by we, they were Me, duuhh~, nadiah and nurul for what i remember. I think we were watching movie dsana atu eventhough in reality nada tv there haha!

So as i was watching the movie, idk movie apa and i turned my head to the door 2, yg leads to other room inside the house. Surprisingly it feels like a movie trailer, my vision zooms in the door and nampak the other side of the door. Guess what was on the other side? ;D

Yeah chucky =O and i even remember there was a poster of chucky 4 somewhere in the dream haha! So both doors were lock. We were struggling in the room don't know what to do ='( so yeah i decided to open door 2 since i had the key. There he was standing near the staircase. I can't really remember what happened but i think i ran to him and threw him down the stair. He was laying still on the ground, thought he was dead already. As i took his knife that fell before i threw him, hidup tia ea ani! Sialan! That was the scary part when he began to move again ;(

So i ran back into the room and locked the door. I...........was alone! hoshizzz!!!!! I can see through the window that nadiah and nurul went out through door 1 and turun the tangga, I started bashing the windows and shouted their names but non could hear ='(

i had second thought tho at that time. Maybe that wasn't them, a delusion....illusion created by chucky just so i can go out so he can have me. There's something about the knife i think, i mean i think it's very special to chucky cause he talked many times about getting back the knife from. Threatening me in every way, ofcourse lah i'm afraid. Gila kali!

i tried to sneak out through door 1, when i got outside, just as i thought the coast is clear is saw a small head popping out from the window of my room. Deep! so i made a fake escape so he would think that i ran down the stairs outside but as soon as the head was gone i went back inside and locked the door. I stayed in the room with fear and questions, did he fell for my trick? or not? i was so traumatized in the room. I mean seeing silhouette from the bottom of the door. At first i tried to swing the from side to side at the bottom door 2 as i saw a silhouette there, who knows kena kakinya kan but no just my imagination. So i lay down near door 1 casue there was a cushion there.

Just as i felt safe already, ada tia lagi! Suaranya from the others side of door 1! deep! He was describing what i was doing mcm laying down and all which freaks me out. I tried to take a peek in the keyhole and.............we were staring at each other so i immediately stab the keyhole with the knife but it didn't fit. Lucky you -_-' you could be a pirate if muat ;p

oww the key punya head arah where you hold it kinda patah pasal terlampau laju twisting so it was kinda hard for me to use the key. Ran to door 2 and was struggling to open it but finally made it. So i ran down the stair straight to the kitchen and went out but then my grandmother baru kan masuk from outside so i thought it would be safer just to stay inside with her since chucky luar rumah sudah kan. As i was gonna close the door, i saw pipih outside ( the cat btw ) pipih shouldn't be outside so i tried to pick him up but he ran away instead to the back side of the house. I had to chase him ='( Gilaa~ it was so dramatic, i was shouting at the top of my lung just to get him back, then i realise no wonder he kept on running away cause i shouted marvel instead of pipih! Shizzz!!

Pipih!! then i caught him. When he was in my hand already, i turned back and saw chucky with three axes of different sizes =O

he 1st threw the largest one but you know he's a doll, so nada bnyak strength so the first on landed not far from him...BUT!!!!!! it bounces back up and straight towards me. I managed to avoid it and ngam-ngam faizan was there kan melintas around the corner. I can tell you that he was shocked to see an axe passing infront of him. Chuchky threw the 2nd axe, the smallest one. It flew straight to me and again i avoided it. Faizan then came with the M16 rushing towards chucky. I don't know dari mana ea dapat but it was in the dream

Just as faizan was running towards chucky, the last normal axe was thrown, landed and bounced and hits faizan on the left shoulder ;O by that time faizan was already dapan-dapan chucky and he used the m16 to hit chucky. He smacked it at his face and he fell down. Someone from the neighbourhood who i don't recognise came running and held chucky down to the ground. I came running and screaming mcm org gila. Used the knife and made 3 cuts to chucky and stabbed his heart. Pipih was still in my hand at that time so eatah payah sikit kan menatak HAHA!

i woke is as soon as i stabbed his heart, puas hati rasanya haha! TQ to faizan for taking the axe and helping me survive in my dream haha! ELEKSHA! THE END!

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