Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


whaddup! i just got home about 10-20 minutes ago from a last minute plan main arah HQ. Was bored mcm nothing to do so yeah, 8 yg dtg~ jaditah jua :)

i didn't ate dari pagi bangun except for cucur udang and 6 mini donuts masa balik antar ibunda aaand 2 kulit ayam, eyyah ingat haha! So ordered BigMac after main 1 game, nyaamaannn! gila mcm appetite ku makin bekurang lately~ malas punya pasal plg haha! I'm dead broke btw

Ok got nothing to blog about anymore, bye!

Ooh ya! Sorry to the girlfriend for ruining your day :D hehe! Ego wah aku atu -_-' but yeah mengalah jua ku last-last, before ke gdg ambil joules and we went teguh raya. Aku plg tu shopping to make it up, so i sent it along to her house with the cd yg MIL mau, eseh! haha! ok apakan~ nada! BYE!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Over a word. 'A' word -_-'

Hello! I just finished my shower, from jogging. Was bangas dari pagi haha! Anyway i didn't had enough sleep. Slept around 5 and kena bangun kan at 8 oleh mom. Had to hantar her huhu! mana ku tau ;( before that ke kewangan dulu then barutah.

Got home at around 9+ i was too tired so i went back to sleep while suruh adimu do the tengah hari work. Wardeena woke me up at 3. Sent her and played pool with malcolm zami and this new guy arif kah? :D Atu pun aku tau last minute masa balik dah dari wardeena -_-'

My mom saw what a shipwreck my room was so ea suruh the maid to tidy it up. There was this funny thing, the maid told my mom ea takut kan masuk because i put up a 'NO ENTRY' sign arah the door. HAHAHAHAHA! gilers! patut lah slama ani mcm nada berubah lagi :D

Received an extraordinary msg from a very special person in my life. Hmm~ ok that suits me well :) I think i'll just finish the rest of my time searching songs, bye forever

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweeter than sugar

So i went to aiman's last night at around 9, ngam-ngam presea baik lapas kena usai after that :D stayed there till 1. Nothing Much cause si ayyub awal tidur -_-' and si joules sibuk fb while si aiman, hmm~ ea andang nada dapat main haha!

As of for today i just finished jogging and mandi, that's all! BYE!

Sunday, June 26, 2011



So i woke up at around 12PM today and me mami told me that presea nada dapat d pakai cause the fan kena cabut ;O waddaa!!! nada tah bejalan tu today, unless kena ambil haha!

Anyway, i was bored nothing to do even my mom asked behapa aku jalan-jalan pointlessly sana sini atu haha! Well i'm not hungry plg but aku mau makan but the foods inda menaikkan nafsu ku~ ayam, maybe sanak kali dah for now which means that aku mau makan daging!!!! ;(

Then baru ku realise, mengapa inda liat movie saja ah?! awu ah!! so i went up to ambil my laptop and just as i was going down, abg was checking put his helmet then aku menyampuk mcm wahh! belajar kah ni? Yay!! then ea cakap ea jalan -_-' " kemarin bejanji saja ah~ " mom said pasal ea kedangaran yg pasal ea kan jalan atu. So ke living room saja ku minding my own business. I saw him angkat the motor, gila kuat jua! bhapa ea angkat ah?! gila tah tu! Then not long after that ada bunyi tucson, huh?! ea pakai tucson?!

There was a knock on the window, ea gtau kalau kan pakai motor bisai-bisai! woots-woots! ok ea suruh blajar sendiri, kurang asam~ pikir ada guidance tah ni haha! he even msged me jgntah belaju and if tgugur lagi skali he will ban me from it for good! as in for life! pasal that was a second chance katanya~ DEEP tah tu -_-'

So as he jalan-ed, i went through the net searching for guidelines on how to ride a big motorcycle with this small body of mine, hmm~ Youtube it and all, ok lah so it was time i guess. Put on my jeans, t-shirt with Thai's flag on it, lucky bracelet (waceceh!) haha! Took the key, helmet and gloves. At 1st aku nada start the engine, sat on the motor saja and played with the weight, saja balancing but then gagas! inda sabar so yeah 'FRICTION ZONE' that was on youtube, bagus jua lah this thing haha! Where jalan pakai clutch saja , no accelerator.

I didn't fall, that's for sure ;) VICTORY!! there were 3 routes, 1 was dapan rumah saja. 2nd was arah the neighborhood yg terrace and the 3rd was turun bukit arah si khalid! Fun Fun but sangal jari ku huhu! I had a hard time finding the Neutral gear saja! Ok that's all! a Thai's flag was flagged on the motor, apakan! lurus kah jua tu, mcm arah moon bah ani motor hewhew! ;)

So maybe i can start using it already, if kena lapas jua olehnya~ karang lah lagi aku cuba it around 5 maybe or 5.30. Ani lagi balum mandi wawawa! later saja lah i pergi mandi hehe! or esuk hohoho! Yeah me is the lazy today! BYE!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

i know you like my swagger

Did i talked about this already? Maybe no! ok my bro actually bought a motorcycle already, mcm polis lah kira kan~ Yamaha FZ6N. It's like the picture below

I used it once saja and i fell from it, dapan rumah plg haha! and masatu ea ada wawawa! So marah lah jua ea, inda plg marah banar and ever since that day he banned me from riding it, DEEP DEEP~ manalah ku tau it was that heavy, biasa rempit haha!

and today my mom told me tomorrow he agreed to teach me, finally! woot woot! jgn saja nada menjadi ;(

This is it~

Friday, June 24, 2011

what you did to me

Hallo! anyway yesterday was a very tiring day ;( fun plg tho but tiring! mcm this tyre below! apakan wawawa! so anyway! the reason i post this picture of tyre is....

.....jengjengjeng! HAHA! apakan -_-' i was on my way to Bridex then masa arah highway before rimba i was on the fast lane far right then out of nowhere there was this tyre rolling at the end of the left lane! i was like WTF?!! i kept looking at the surrounding to find the source, manatau ada accident kah apa but nada -_-' idk tayar apa ni ah or from mana but it was rolling fast lol! mcm maybe 60-80 km/h kali or 40-60? as if tecabut from a car hahaha! weird!

bnyak makan lah jua arah bridex, free lagi! siuk-siuk haha! Then made some gangs, waceh! but their 1st impression of me -_-' lagi baie haha! So i was with this guy, Mohammmad, he's a lot like madin+waqar, pokoknya baik lah :D and learnt a bit about cars from him, inda plg, now aku tau apa masalah presea saja haha!

thought the it would take the morning saja, skalinya sambung ptg huhu! so ptg after prayer sana balik and tunggu punya tunggu all came and we were divided into 7 groups of 3. Each group had to go to the picked destination and give flyers away, promoting the Bridex's Ticket. There were 4 guys including me and the rest girls. So then i overheard this 2 girls nada transport so i was joking around and made a an offer to them for transport, skali jadi banar plg haha! I was kicked out from the guys group automatically, eyh! that doesn't sound right. More like, I DITCHED THEM! HAHAHA! eleksha~

The 2 girls were, munirah ex si wapil and the other was baz..ilah i think, she was the same group as mine masa interview :D so anyway then since the flyers nada siap so our 3-6 and 8-10 duty kena cancel and changed to 7-10 instead so ptg nada papa! I didn't went home, stayed sana saja for 3-4 hours of nothingness~ gilers bangas haha! There were 3 of us left, me, gee and this other girl. Basically kami sat one person per row haha! Mine was d blakang skali, sana lah aku limpang gulik haha! on the chairs. I wrote down some numbers from 1 to 600, boredom :D

The work started at around 7.30 kali. We went to huaho tanjung bunut to promote it. There was this one customer, an olg guy plg~ i was talking to him mcm for about 10-15 minutes kali, batah wah~ inda ku tau apa kan d jawab~ antam saja lah labu haha! it was and interesting conversation if you think about it compared to those people who just rejects it -_-'

BORED! so 30 mins later maybe munirah and baz suggested to change the location since sana nada berapa, we went to yayasan. Hoho! went to waterfront! ok nada bnyak, ada 2 cafe jua ganya, inda ku paham -_-'

9.45 all of us were exhausted already kali or malas dah, so drang ambil their bags from the car then rehat arah coffee bean. I offered to wait for them till drang balik. Muni went 1st then si baz suruh aku balik if aku mau since ada kawannya jua sana working at the cafe so yeah, why not

Got home and i think i fell asleep watching ueki belawan haha!

Today the plan was to go to kebajikan early in the morning, say around 8 with ayyub then sama-sama ke bridex for the blazer's measurement. Skalinya dua-dua akhir bangun haha! 9.15 barutah ku jalan wawawa! si ayyub lagi akhir lah tu. Met almost everyone arah bridex haha! i mean jarang wah kan jumpa bnyak org yg ku biasa nowadays haha! and while waiting for ayyub, ada tia si munirah dtg LOL! sama jua akhir haha! and nampak lagi eyebags tu wawawa! mcm nada cukup tidur and not long after that si baz. 5 minutes later kali ada tia si ayyub! We were on our line mcm 15 minutes? batah haha! So after besukat aku menyasak arah this one person yg incharge haha! He's gonna be the person who will do the briefing on the DC's

Went to kebajikan after that, 1st time booking, noob! haha!

i jogged today! fualuy!! kepisan yohh!! haha! after that mandi makan then jalan to liyana's house. At around 7.15 kali i was there. It was a great time, tq laptop! apakan haha! Kena bagi makan lagi wawawa! balik around 9.45 kali~ so here i am! bye! Love you! not you! si Liyana bah ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Greetings, Earthling! So it was a last minute plan yesterday since aku baru bangun jua that ptg. We went to Kg Pudak, it was sebalah Menunggol. Sebalah banar! jauh wah! even the guy yg bawa the boat pun nada tau dmana -_-' but mcm sbanar dah membawa jalan. So we stopped in the middle of the Brunei's river and made a call. Baik jua tertuju. It costs us $2 each for the boat ride, sadih! jauh plg banar. Malcolm Amin Ben Danial Qawiem and Wilson were there fishing while Hadi and Pian kayaking :D

Went on hiking, 5 of us saja me zul ayyub aiman and hadi since si hadi tau. Gila atu mengalih and lamas haha! Joules was recording along the journey while ayyub took photos. There was this moment where ayyub broke the old bridge and his right leg fell into it, it was scary and funny at the same time jua haha! Sakit plg =p

I was scared that it might rusak somehow and eatah bejalan pelahan then si ayyub marah

Ayyub : Eyh rul laju wah jalan, lambat eyh!

Me : Krg mun rusak gugur cmana?

Ayyub : Eyh nada papa tu, atu dalam movie wah saja tu!

Me : Sebab atu movie and ani reality tah ku takut!

Aiman : Jalan tangah-tangah!

Me : Ah?!

Aiman : Jalan tangah-tangah


Ayyub fell

HAHA! it was something cmatu, joules did caught the moment but kena block oleh hadi, ada tu :D That my friend, is reality haha! Cali wah mcm baru jua bcakap bout it haha!

Then we joined the others fishing

Went back around 6~ This was on the way balik, nada kan d buat so i sat sana haha! Sakit yaw cause antak-antak haha!

malam ambil si jon from bridex! then ea lanja tongkeng and balik. Antar him to kiarong then we were all tired kan balik so ended up sleepover at aiman's haha! larak!

So today! got my haircut and ambil jon lagi malam, again ea lanja! siuk-siuk haha! By 10 sampai balik rumah from aiman's. That's all! Bye!




Yeah had a haircut tadi, cawir plg but atleast nyaman so who cares =p i do BYE!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


this is me before~ :D

Ok i really should mandi and makan! They're waiting at aiman's haha! :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

that doesn't look like me, ohwell~

a great way to enjoy it huahuahau! 1 left ;( andang jua satu wah =p the other 1 was nasib :D

just my luck

Them nadiah shared the chocolate with each other and they found it very manis eatah nada suka, so another bar nada tia drang mau, so aku dapat hewhew! and i just ate it!

OMG! nyaman!! plus this chocolate isn't for sharing exactly, cause in each ada different taste eatah ;D

Choc treat

Halloo! long time no update! krkkrkk~ =D

anyway my mom bought me this today! woots!

haven't eaten it yet, sayang jua haha! baru i think since ada new atu and payah kan cari the picture on the net~

Oww and i found doppelganger si wana while searching haha!

HAHAHAHA! no offense to the owner, it was on internet ;D

and my gf yg pemarah sudah atu gave me chocolate Milo bars yg kecik-kecik itu! wohooo! ;D

Friday, June 3, 2011

an earth's orbit

Happy Belated Anniversary to me lovey dovey Dk Liyana Hasyimah Pg Joe! I Love You!

Malas ku kan buat something sweet lagi sini since sana-sini dah haha! and! it's 3.52AM and i am tired eatah malas atu wawawa! If i did this in the morning or ptg, confirm panjang and sweet. Eseh! mcm sbanar haha! Ok that's all i gotta say, been busy eatah nda terupdate. More like lazy plg tu haha!

Got the best present ever for our anniversary from me love, no one in the world would had thought of it before =p

yeah! 1 dynamite sweet! Ain't that 'sweet' ? geddit? sweet is sweet haha! ok apakan~

tq poke-len =p i love you! Dawn!