Friday, June 3, 2011

an earth's orbit

Happy Belated Anniversary to me lovey dovey Dk Liyana Hasyimah Pg Joe! I Love You!

Malas ku kan buat something sweet lagi sini since sana-sini dah haha! and! it's 3.52AM and i am tired eatah malas atu wawawa! If i did this in the morning or ptg, confirm panjang and sweet. Eseh! mcm sbanar haha! Ok that's all i gotta say, been busy eatah nda terupdate. More like lazy plg tu haha!

Got the best present ever for our anniversary from me love, no one in the world would had thought of it before =p

yeah! 1 dynamite sweet! Ain't that 'sweet' ? geddit? sweet is sweet haha! ok apakan~

tq poke-len =p i love you! Dawn!

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