Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Over a word. 'A' word -_-'

Hello! I just finished my shower, from jogging. Was bangas dari pagi haha! Anyway i didn't had enough sleep. Slept around 5 and kena bangun kan at 8 oleh mom. Had to hantar her huhu! mana ku tau ;( before that ke kewangan dulu then barutah.

Got home at around 9+ i was too tired so i went back to sleep while suruh adimu do the tengah hari work. Wardeena woke me up at 3. Sent her and played pool with malcolm zami and this new guy arif kah? :D Atu pun aku tau last minute masa balik dah dari wardeena -_-'

My mom saw what a shipwreck my room was so ea suruh the maid to tidy it up. There was this funny thing, the maid told my mom ea takut kan masuk because i put up a 'NO ENTRY' sign arah the door. HAHAHAHAHA! gilers! patut lah slama ani mcm nada berubah lagi :D

Received an extraordinary msg from a very special person in my life. Hmm~ ok that suits me well :) I think i'll just finish the rest of my time searching songs, bye forever

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