Friday, June 24, 2011

what you did to me

Hallo! anyway yesterday was a very tiring day ;( fun plg tho but tiring! mcm this tyre below! apakan wawawa! so anyway! the reason i post this picture of tyre is....

.....jengjengjeng! HAHA! apakan -_-' i was on my way to Bridex then masa arah highway before rimba i was on the fast lane far right then out of nowhere there was this tyre rolling at the end of the left lane! i was like WTF?!! i kept looking at the surrounding to find the source, manatau ada accident kah apa but nada -_-' idk tayar apa ni ah or from mana but it was rolling fast lol! mcm maybe 60-80 km/h kali or 40-60? as if tecabut from a car hahaha! weird!

bnyak makan lah jua arah bridex, free lagi! siuk-siuk haha! Then made some gangs, waceh! but their 1st impression of me -_-' lagi baie haha! So i was with this guy, Mohammmad, he's a lot like madin+waqar, pokoknya baik lah :D and learnt a bit about cars from him, inda plg, now aku tau apa masalah presea saja haha!

thought the it would take the morning saja, skalinya sambung ptg huhu! so ptg after prayer sana balik and tunggu punya tunggu all came and we were divided into 7 groups of 3. Each group had to go to the picked destination and give flyers away, promoting the Bridex's Ticket. There were 4 guys including me and the rest girls. So then i overheard this 2 girls nada transport so i was joking around and made a an offer to them for transport, skali jadi banar plg haha! I was kicked out from the guys group automatically, eyh! that doesn't sound right. More like, I DITCHED THEM! HAHAHA! eleksha~

The 2 girls were, munirah ex si wapil and the other was baz..ilah i think, she was the same group as mine masa interview :D so anyway then since the flyers nada siap so our 3-6 and 8-10 duty kena cancel and changed to 7-10 instead so ptg nada papa! I didn't went home, stayed sana saja for 3-4 hours of nothingness~ gilers bangas haha! There were 3 of us left, me, gee and this other girl. Basically kami sat one person per row haha! Mine was d blakang skali, sana lah aku limpang gulik haha! on the chairs. I wrote down some numbers from 1 to 600, boredom :D

The work started at around 7.30 kali. We went to huaho tanjung bunut to promote it. There was this one customer, an olg guy plg~ i was talking to him mcm for about 10-15 minutes kali, batah wah~ inda ku tau apa kan d jawab~ antam saja lah labu haha! it was and interesting conversation if you think about it compared to those people who just rejects it -_-'

BORED! so 30 mins later maybe munirah and baz suggested to change the location since sana nada berapa, we went to yayasan. Hoho! went to waterfront! ok nada bnyak, ada 2 cafe jua ganya, inda ku paham -_-'

9.45 all of us were exhausted already kali or malas dah, so drang ambil their bags from the car then rehat arah coffee bean. I offered to wait for them till drang balik. Muni went 1st then si baz suruh aku balik if aku mau since ada kawannya jua sana working at the cafe so yeah, why not

Got home and i think i fell asleep watching ueki belawan haha!

Today the plan was to go to kebajikan early in the morning, say around 8 with ayyub then sama-sama ke bridex for the blazer's measurement. Skalinya dua-dua akhir bangun haha! 9.15 barutah ku jalan wawawa! si ayyub lagi akhir lah tu. Met almost everyone arah bridex haha! i mean jarang wah kan jumpa bnyak org yg ku biasa nowadays haha! and while waiting for ayyub, ada tia si munirah dtg LOL! sama jua akhir haha! and nampak lagi eyebags tu wawawa! mcm nada cukup tidur and not long after that si baz. 5 minutes later kali ada tia si ayyub! We were on our line mcm 15 minutes? batah haha! So after besukat aku menyasak arah this one person yg incharge haha! He's gonna be the person who will do the briefing on the DC's

Went to kebajikan after that, 1st time booking, noob! haha!

i jogged today! fualuy!! kepisan yohh!! haha! after that mandi makan then jalan to liyana's house. At around 7.15 kali i was there. It was a great time, tq laptop! apakan haha! Kena bagi makan lagi wawawa! balik around 9.45 kali~ so here i am! bye! Love you! not you! si Liyana bah ;)

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