Sunday, July 3, 2011

a new aim

Sawadeekap! Masuk pintu keluar tingkap! :D I just woke up btw hehe. It has been a very tiring day, for me plg tu since aku akhir tidur but awal bangun

So umm~ this morning the whole family went to IGS college cause there was where my cousin's wedding was held. Stayed there for about almost 3 hours. Been a while since i last attended a wedding, bangas ku haha!

Anyway after that we went shopping for the bridex's stuffs mcm pants baju and all. Restaurant after that, well the shopping was kinda batah jua lah mun sampai lapar tarus, bekas makan jua arah wedding atu~ We ate arah yg the restaurant near the huaho roundabout ah, ordered burger plg saja and the horlick shake there my opinion bad lah. Mcm i don't even know what's shaky about it? HAHAHA! usually if order milo shake mcm there's the milo and on top ada the ice cream jua kan, ani mcm horlick mixed with blended ice jau saja -_-'

Balik at around 6 and aku tarus tertidur. Yeah boring ah hari ku haha! Siuk plg, i just don't wanna fill in with the small details =p Malas bah aku! Esuk lagi bridex and the changed it lagi to ptg, huhu! Annoying eyh tukar-tukar ani ;( BYE!

ini macam (Y)

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