Friday, July 1, 2011

A Sad Tale

So today ptg i went riding round with the motor through the highway, it was ok. Then i decided to use it main street since inda jua bepakai for days :D

While on my way ke stadium, the motor felt weird! Mcm ntah, lari or ntah! Masa arah hockey it was full so i find a place to stop skali ku liat, pancit kan tayar blakang motor ah! Deep! how can this happen to me?! Baru jua kena lapas dari being ban from my brother huhu!

Since awal lakat so i decided to go to lambak's shell sana ganya yg ku tau baik tempat pump tyre ani. Pumped it was ok. So went back to stadium, ok saja but at certain places i stopped and checked the tyre plg ok saja. Then met them ayen muiz and dano. I read a msg from my brother, he told me to check the back tyre, deep rupanya andang pancit sudah~ No wonder brapa hari nada bepakai -_-' i msged him at around 6.20-6.30+ kali telling him that aku pakai atu. After about half an hour kali barutah ada reply. Deep~ Pikir pasal aku, takut sudah. Sweating like a eeoinkeeooink, pig! HAHA!

After abis main street kan mynest so aku pump the tyre dulu arah serusop's shell, skali rusak kan sana ah, so i went back all the way to lambak. Since jauh so malas tah kali mynest, balik saja after pump. Masa pump idk where did i went wrong, exactly the same wah yg aku buat ah mcm before. The tyre makin basar then all of a sudden it moves!! then tegugur! deep! te ntah arah yg y'know siring-siring jalan ah deep! Ada picak sikit huhu! Mati lah aku! Aku atu kan minta tolong org bangun kan since it's heavy then i remembered i watched & learnt something from youtube cara bangun kan motor. Gave it a try then it worked! Woot!

Balik i msged my abg tarus, guilty ku! So his reply was

" Bagus, iatah cuai, tunggu tah ku cool, time ku bad mood ne. Sabar sja, ur fault. " O-Oooo i think i just lost the second chance, i hope there's a third. Well atleast aku inda tapuk lah and biar kan ea found out sendiri. Awu it's my fault plg kali. Should had balik and change kerita saja instead the 1st time but if the tayar inda pancit wah awal atu, nada ni cmani ani. Damn you flat tyre!!

Ok i'm out of credit lagi huhu!

SIGH! hope there's a third chance :D Amin!

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