Sunday, July 3, 2011

a small festive

Olaa! My parents just got home from my cousin's wedding yg malam punya, so as usual when there's something my mom would mc me just to get me down. Aku minta bali kan ice lemon tea big bottle plg and chocolate apa saja as i told her earlier in my msg

guess what! Ada kebabs! wohoo!

i ate 3 of ems haha! atu nyaman! Bnyak jua ah the kebabs, rupanya it was from my cousin's atu. Ada kebab cater sana! Fuyooo! Nyasal ku nada ikut ;( aku mau plg but was too tired and ttdur :D Ok that's all, i can go for 4 actually but naahh! tahan nafsu! HAHA! Adios!

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