Saturday, July 2, 2011

There's never a 3rd

SIGH~ so while dinner tadi with mom and dad, mom told me that abg told her that he'll never lend me the motor again. Deep~ ok nada 3rd chance, but inda apalah! ELEKSHAKU! Atleast i did get to enjoy it for a moment there. Sasak ku mliat kucing atas ah haha! ok anyway, inda apalah, membali ducati saja ku bila ku kaya. Then i'll enjoy it huahua! Someday~ :)

idk why i'd chosen this but ntah, kesian usulnya. Mcm aku tsktsk ;'( I realised that i have a problem actually. It's mcm ' the things i touched gets broken ' but ani lain sikit, ani masalah with something to do with transportation. Maybe aku in that malang curse kali. For example...

A few years back before aku ada lesen, a month before lesen L ku, i wrecked presea's left door by hitting the store's wall HAHAHA! Then where, tucson scratched a bit from kijang. Presea punya gearbox rusak. Tempat fuel presea stuck. Tayar presea pancit. Tucson's rear mirror gugur. Fell from 1st motor try. 2nd fell while pumping the motor tyre which made it picak a bit. Presea's punya chamber rusak. Kijang abis minyak in the middle of the road. Pokoknya bnyak lah yg related with vehicles. Larap eyh! but all and all my accidents nada involve org mcm injury apa. So lucky, mcm small stuffs ganya but kena jadi kan besar sigh~ antam lah labu!

I'm planning to do a bank robbery and take half a million and enjoy my life. Taie! Not that easy haha! ok i'm out of words. Assalamualaikum!

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