Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ratatatatui in da house!

DAWN! anyway just had my sahur. My 1st attempt of trapping mickey mouse didn't succeed~ rusak ada the trap pasal nada menjadi haha! Kamon zeerul! What person would trap a mouse using maltesers? Wey! ea makan wah box maltesers ku! nada plg abis but ea makan! So i guess maybe ea suka :D

The 2nd attempt was using pusu! Mom told drang suka pusu or ikan masin.


Mickey managed to drag the trap about 1.5m away from my door! Wow! what a record! haha! Maybe ea lumpat-lumpat masa stuck atu kali, maybe~

This is as close as i can get pasal takut ku! Mcm makin aku near makin kuat wah ea garak. Mcm ada possibility lapas haha! So i knocked on the maid's room and gtau about the mouse. Mcm nada lagi tu ea ah~ Dilipatnya saja HAHA!

I celebrated my victory with a plate of nasi goreng and a glass of milo ping! Nyum (Y)

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