Tuesday, February 28, 2012


so yeah! after 3 hours of playing d tff, the last game baru tah mng haha! larap eyh~ i guess that's the perfect build for it for now :D 0 mati ler ;D

Maybe voli will be next ;D

Friday, February 17, 2012

DN over LOL over DOTA

Haluu! so i am playing LOL atleast once a day lah just to achieve the Win Of The Day IP hewhew :D Well sampai mng plg tu, mun kalah paksa tah balik-balik haha! Dskulah slalu plg ke i-pro with my classmates main lol if nada class. I'm still a dota fan tho, saja pasal dota nada org mau melayan, baik yg ada kan ;D

Used Volibear just now, it was a tight match, baik jua mng haha! well killing jauh plg. Idk apa kan d bali, bali saja tia haha!

This is the 1st hero i bought pakai IP, puas hati jua lah pasal assist confirm banyak. Boleh lah ahah!

Voli! Sanak jua lah kan Alis saja so saja pakai ani since it's free. I'm gonna buy this jua nanti but before atu i still have 2300 more IP to go till i can buy........

Renekton!!! Idk plg kuat kah inda but i really wanna buy him pasal he is the 1st lol hero yg aku ingat in a game i saw. Pokoknya he was kinda big masatu and killing and karas so tepikat tia. That was before i played LOL. Hope i won't regret it. After atu barutah Volibear and maybe the new hero after that? Nautilus? lurus kah jua tu namanya haha!

So anyway me and me love, Liyana! are currently addicted to this online game. Everyday kami main haha! Mcm yg online chat pakai character atu plg ni, i forgot apa namanya, pokoknya yg me joules ayyub and aiman and Liyana used to play lah jua dulu~ but ani game hewhew. Bottoms are some screenshot kami buat, jobless much ey? imma sambung play hewhew! ;D BYE!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

my 4th game went long :D

smua bah yg recommended item ah ku bali haha! ok bye! imma go for footie at meteora now ;D

Friday, February 3, 2012


My 3rd game. 3 in a row pakai ea haha! mng jua last-last :D

Off to p-house ambil Liyana ;D Bye!