Saturday, November 15, 2014

Confident Level Zero

Well hello HOOMANN!

I just got home from main bula d JKR with Abg Boy, daym so stress bnyak bolos baru first half 4 tia sudah  ;(

Just before second half ended, i was subtituted, too deep to plai inda tia sampat kan main outfield. last-last it was 6-2 i think, jaditah the other gk bolos jua wawawa! well i blamed the defenders tho cause bnyak main outside trap which inda brapa successful cause when bula kena through pass abis mati 1 on 1 saja and i blamed myself too for not throw body-ing. All and all i wanna retire HAHA!

anyway today kena lanja McD oleh Hazwan who is an ex-colleague from the bank, thank you brotha! and presea is back wohoo! Gila bah carina ah kuat makan minyak or  minum whatevs~

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