Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I had a life

Hi olz!

Life has been really great for the past week since Tuesday till Monday which was 2 days ago ;( Boss gila went outstation for a week eatah siuk balik at 5PM on the dot and went to Baitul Anfield for almost everyday main bula there against the gurkanians haha! Then malam liat futsal @ indoor stadium

For the first time ever in my 1 year of service, bad service plg tu muahaha!, we had 'POT-LUCK' in the office on friday, i brought nuggets plg saja and ABC EXTRA PEDAS inda boleh lupa tu haha! The foods were really amazing, it was our last day of freedom. Maaan lapar tia nah now -__-"

i didn't even get to play dota, maybe pasal terbiasa main with Liyana eatah main solo is not as fun. She's having her exams, GOOD LUCK! one more paper then DOHTA!

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