Friday, November 14, 2014

Lucky to be Unlucky

Assalamuaaikum peeps! a,k,a. STALKERS! ;p

Long time no blog, hatunar bangas eh. Check expiry date, baik lakat eh so apa lagi! Blogging is ong! :D

So anyway just wanna update you readers out there what has changed selama ani. I am currently working under B A I D U R I   B A N K for about a year now. Andang sengaja plg tu ku buat space so if ada org type out arah google search so inda kena filter HAHA! I'm not gonna talk about work stuff lah pasal boring and I don't wanna talk about it. Just fyi, my boss is an old chinese female Gordon Ramsay which I always ends up going back at almost 7.30PM everyday ;( No Life Mayn~

you make me sad

Steady, ada jua masih sikit lah photoshop skill ku atu haha! Anyway so I wanna talk about how malang it was for me this month, what happened to the good old 'Tragedi Oktober', why is it happening in November? ;'(

So this month saja:

 Presea rusak masa saturday when i was on my way to work skali i realized the temperature naik. Awal-awal inda tau kenapa, so after work I went to JKR for the bank's friendly football. Masa dsana i realized ada water leaking. Balik had to stop once arah Sekolah Rendah dapan Huaho Manggis ah then zoom all the way back. Sunday hantar presea ke workshop.

 Monday I used chery to work. Everything was ok until Tuesday that battery chery flat. So had to jumper here and there everytime kan jalan. Last-last balik rumah overheat jua, the water was boiling cold! What the?! Eten hot lah! Baru jua beambil dari workshop chery ani masa Sunday tsktsk ;(

So tadi i ended up using Vios, everything was going well. After work i went to McD, tapau and hantar kasut si meerul, Skali in the middle of the road infront of Lamee, mati engine! Lupa masuk kan gear to free muahah! So the car was pushed arah parking spot. Tunggu punya tunggu nada mau start bah kerita ah. Deep jua ah. Since si meerul pakai kereta abg boy yg Toyota Carina so kami tukar lah. Since ea cakap if tunggu sajuk mau tu start the Vios. 

Boleh lah kan sama jua lah cmani usulnya, ganya aduima smua speedometer nada idup, Minyak pun sentiasa tangah. Leksha. So i went to Liyana's and sent her foods. Then i forgot minumannya, bila kan bagi the minuman tgugur and tumpah, MALANG!!!

Despite all the unlucky stuffs, when i got home i have with me 4 burgers and nasi goreng, hoorah!! I gave 1 burger to Nadiah and Wardeena and 1 for Abg. The rest ;) you do the math :p

ok awal-awal semangat sudah kan bnyak becerita apa haha! ani malas tia haha!

Soooooooo talking about my love life, it has been so great with Liyana      4  years and counting! eventho lupa plg jua kadang-kadang! maklum tua sudah huehue!

Oww i never got a chance to brag it, i got my Alienware M17x 2 years ago haha! but now the OS makin cacat which i ended up using windows technical preview because my previous Wins 7 Ult caught the stupid Crypto Virus! Can't believe i fell for the mail that has the Fedex, DHL thingy about how your stuff was delivered and you weren't home so click the mail for details. WTF! how did i even fell for that?! or maybe that's just a reason i've been using to tell people why i'm using the technical preview. Maybe the real reason was porn? :o who knows HAHAHAHA! nada deh ;p

so ok i think that's all for now. I'm in a hurry pasal kan main Dota, yup people, still playing and counting haha! hopefully this won't be my last post this year =D

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