Sunday, December 21, 2014

a hip hop hippy, hippy to the hip hip hop you dont stop the rock

Helo Hoomans!

It's 3.54 now, will be flying off to Kay-Ell laytuh petangs wohoo

Yes people i am migrating there, goodbye beloved country ='(

Anyway the bank's agm dinner dah habis dah

me and le gengz

i forgot to wear my 'rhasta peace necklace that i bought pasal begagas then masa bekumpul d mamoh beribi with Aizat and Wali, i left my headband inside the car since kami ikut kerta is Aizat, deeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! So had to improvise, pakai tali getah from the car window shield si Aizat tu haha!

I got nominated best dress for lelaki haha! majal! masa mengaut makanan lah jua kena panggil ah, paksa abandoned my beef rashers tsk tsk!! so i went up, the shades really built up my confidence up there to do whatever dance yg kena suruh pasal i feel like being disguised using it, cool cool cool. Almost won best dress pasal it's based on the crowd cheer's, can't beat the finance people when it comes to that confirm mati haha! Wasn't my luck, if inda wah! Ada extra $100 wah tu utk bawa shopping KL ;p 

Adios Amigos! sasak sudah nada ampit bnyak makanan tadi, mengalih saja belapar 2 hari 3 malam ;(

on kristal ice HAHA! setaie

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hippie Ki Yay, Motherf*cker!

Hye anyone! sponsored

nahh malas tia nah kan update haha! sepatutnya everyday bah ni so nada lupa. ani lupa tia nah apa yg kan ku cerita kan HAHA!  bukan plg lupa, malas saja pasal begagas kan main dota

Anyway December has been good so far eventho nada bula or like jarang like VraViSHLy! but i started jogging sudah di stadium which is a good thing but nada lah everyday, weekends malas tia haha! After work saja usually i go there. Usually malam plg but eversince si tua cilaka cuti on the 10th i've been going there as early as 5.15PM, like whatttttttttttt!!! Ramai jua org and meriah lagi! haha sakai!

karing usulnya kami atu? duhh kamon sweats mengalir plg =p nada lah, lil miss Liyana was very fast pasal she walked sja 90% of the way yet i was still jogging by her side... wat??!! HAHA

Nothing interesting so far, oww there was a DST Karnival last week and i went there with Liyana, nothing much tho except for the $3 Skewer Lamb from Marilyn i think?! Wow!!! so so good! yg penting we went makan here and there and i didn't use a single cent from my wallet muahaha! soreh love but thank you :* Skali skala mengikis muahah!

we also paid for our century which we will be joining next year. 5km mcm biasa, kan collect baju XD

Yesterday after work i go pick up Liyana and we went shop hunting for my custome utk the Bank's dinner on the 20th Dec just before i fly off the next day to KL ;) The theme of the party is 60's 70's Disco Hippie

So far this is how i plan to come, kan pakai disco kerebo i think confirm ramai org cmatu kali eh ahah

never thought ada jua fake beard bejual haha! yg i know was mustache saja. cool if ada janggut cmatu, oww i used as as soon as keluar from TS and then masa kan ke kerita ada this group of indian people nampak and drg ketawa apa tunjuk the janggut eatah cali so i waved saja haha! maybe nampak mcm nada banar haha!

the cat been sleeping saja lately on the stairs keluar from back office. Gamuk lagi! saja kan memanjang post. BYE!